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Joel, Exotic Crocodile and Soft Calf Sneakers, Style: 31606

$ 399.00

There is no reason why the sportsman cannot take to the floor in style. With the help of Belvedere’s Joel, pulling that off will be even easier.

The Joel is styled very much like a classic piece of athletic footwear. The three colorways are reminiscent of iconic pairs worn on the hardwood.  Its sole flares out and its tongue juts skyward. Qualities also present in sneakers popularized by some of the greatest sportsmen.

Belvedere’s Joel is not just for the sporting type however. It melds together the finer stylistic qualities of sporting sneakers and presents them in a final product more apt to be worn even far away from the court.

Still included in the Joel though is Belvedere’s trademark craftsmanship. From the soles, to the toe caps, to the rest of the shoes, there is no mistaking the quality craftsmanship exhibited.

Genuine Crocodile and Soft Calf

Style #: 31606


  • Leather Lining
  • Cushion Insole
  • Rubber sole
  • Full sizes only

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