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Astor, Crocodile and Soft Calf Sneakers, Style: 3000

$ 369.00

Crocodile leather is not a material often used in the shoemaking process. That is part of the reason why seeing it embraced so fully by the Astor, a classic men's sneaker, is such a treat.

There is no shying away from featuring crocodile leather. The distinctive qualities of the aforementioned material are on full display in this pair of snearks. One will be able to quickly see the distinctive pattern around the outsole. The outsoles bear a striking resemblance to the actual scales of the well-known predator.

The pattern is also prominently featured along the throat line and toe cap of the Astor. It’s easy to see how much work went into the creation of the patterns by looking closer at how each scale is separated.

In a way, the Astor is a celebration of crocodile leather, and the presence of the emblem bearing the animal’s familiar façade is evidence of that. The Astor is available in Red, Black and Navy.

Material: Genuine Crocodile and Soft Calf

Style #: 3000


  • Leather lining
  • Cushion Insole
  • Rubber sole

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