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Bene, Ostrich and Soft Calf Sneakers Style: 2010

$ 329.00

Contrasting textures create a greater visual impact. That is on full display in the Bene.

To separate these sneakers from their numerous other high quality offerings, the designers decided to combine two distinctive materials in one creation.

Present in the Bene is a favorite material of the conventional craftsman, with that being calf leather. It’s easy to see the effect calf leather has on these shoes as the material provides that prominent shine that is uniquely its own.

To complement the calf leather, the designers have opted to pair it with the more exotic ostrich leather. The presence of ostrich leather on these shoes provides it with an appearance that is uncommon for sneakers, but is beautiful nonetheless.

The makers of the Bene have also added flourishes that run through the heart of the shoe.

Without a doubt, the Bene is a shoe capable of stealing glances from everyone.

Materials: Genuine Ostrich and Soft Calf

Style #: 2010


  • Leather Lining
  • Cushion Insole
  • Rubber sole
  • Full sizes only

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