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Rino, Genuine Crocodile and Soft Calf Sneakers, Style: 96002

$ 369.00

Style is a part of one’s individual identity. While the classic designs may be more appealing to a certain individual, another may see something unconventional as more beautiful.

For those in the latter camp, the Rino from Belvedere Shoes is worthy of a second look.

The Rino bucks convention in almost every way. It’s a sneaker, but in all likelihood, it’s one that is hard to find an identical match for on store shelves.

One can look at the Rino and easily see a hybrid of an ankle boot and a sneaker. As it turns out, that aforementioned combination is a winning one.

Though the Rino’s appearance is most certainly unconventional, it is also difficult to call it anything other than boldly beautiful.

Not everyone may be bold enough to wear the Rino, but those who are will be the center of attention wherever they may go.

Genuine Crocodile and Soft Calf

Style #: 96002


  • Leather Lining
  • Cushion Insole
  • Rubber sole
  • Full sizes only

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