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4 Reasons to Buy Genuine Leather Crocodile Shoes

Belvedere Genuine Exotic Shoes

A lot of people look at shoes as just the things you use to cover your feet so they don’t get wet or dirty, but you know better. You know that shoes are the end of the finished product. The dot to the exclamation mark. The period at the end of a sentence that let’s people know you’re through. The right style of shoe can finish up your personal statement with a bang or a whimper.

Style, though, used to be just about what was trending.  If you didn’t wear bell bottoms when they were in style, you weren’t in style. Individuality was out the window. Thankfully, all that has had an upgrade; it’s all about the individual. Now is the time you’ve been waiting for, when you can let your individual style, your fashion fireworks, out to shine.

Nylon bracelets, boho necklaces and knuckle rings with a classy cardigan over a pinstripe shirt and chinos? No problem. Tie on a pair of brown crocodile leather Chapos and a matching belt for a complete look.

Maybe you feel like sporting those dark denim jeans with a blue blazer and a white shirt. Add a pair of black Liberos to really jazz up the outfit with a little extra class, or the smoother-skinned alligator leathered Lorenzo.

While there are some who might think crocodile leather shoes are too out there, there’s a time and a place for everything. Sometimes, your feet really need to be comfortable. Other times, you want to show that you appreciate the finer things in life. Still other times, you’re ready for a dramatic statement.

So, the next time you feel like investing in a pair of dress shoes, consider waiting and investing a little more. Why? Because the number one reason men buy genuine leather crocodile shoes is comfort. And quality. And style. And… come to think of it, there are a lot of reasons.

Because You’re Stylish

Genuine crocodile shoes are high-end luxury items: like the Rolex watch for feet. When you want to make a statement, these shoes do it. Oh, not so much that they scream, “I’m trying to stand out,” but enough that people know you’re interested in being fashionably dressed.

Because You Like Things to Last

When you buy a pair of genuine crocodile leather shoes, you’re not looking at something you’ll have to replace a year from now. Crocodile shoes have been known to last long enough to be passed down the generations. If properly taken care of, you can very easily keep them in good condition your entire life.

Not only that, but if the soles wear out, these shoes are made so that a shoe repair company can replace the soles. A little bit of time in shoe repair and you have a new shoe.

Because You Want the Best

There is no such thing as a poorly made pair of handmade, genuine crocodile leather dress shoes. Handmade means that the shoe is carefully crafted by human hands, not thrown together by programmed machines. The artisans take their time to make these beautiful works of art, and only put their seal on the finished products they’re happy with.

Because You Care About Quality

Dress shoes made from exotic leather are as high quality as they come, but it’s not just because of the leather used. It’s because of how the leather used.

  • Exotic leathers are carefully chosen for the design and suppleness of the leather.
  • Even the leather linings are chosen for maximum comfort, made of supple, soft glove leather.
  • The soles are made of stacked, hard sole leather that’s hard-carved, shaped and either sewn or nailed with brass nails (not glued) onto the shoe upper.

From top to bottom, inside and out, genuine crocodile leather shoes are the top-of-the-line for luxury dress shoes.

When You’re Ready to Upgrade…

There’s no doubt about it. Whether you choose dress shoes out of a sense of style or because of quality and durability, genuine crocodile leather shoes should be at the top of your next “to do” list. When you’re ready to invest in a wardrobe upgrade head to the link below! 


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