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The Top Five Beard Styles You Should Try to Change Up Your Look

The Top Five Beard Styles You Should Try to Change Up Your Look

No one will ever chide you for sporting the clean-shaven look. It’s neat, presentable, and an indicator that you have good grooming habits.

Admittedly though, that look can seem kind of unexciting, plain, and just flat out boring after a while. You may become interested in trying out a different look by growing out your facial hair.

If you are indeed considering letting your facial hair grow for a while just to see what it would look like, you might as well do your best to style it. Listed below are some of the top beard styles you can try if you want to show off a new look that’s significantly different but still very presentable.

man with short beard

The 3-Day Stubble Beard

Some men are capable of growing a full beard by simply not shaving for just a couple of weeks. Others are not quite as lucky and their beards can never reach that point where they can extend down to their chests.

For those in the latter group, the 3-day stubble beard is something worth considering. Rugged is the best word to describe this kind of beard and it’s got a textural element that can prove irresistible as well.

The key to the stubble is to not let it look sloppy. Keep it to the point where there are no uneven patches so that it always looks on point.

The Goatee

Wearing some upper lip hair does not always feel comfortable for men. It can get in the way often and the upper lip is a spot where sweat can pool during the summer months.

By opting for the goatee, you can steer clear of upper lip discomfort while still featuring a beard that adds definition to your face. Gillette notes that the goatee is particularly suited to men with square faces. That’s due in large part to how it can lengthen your face just a bit.

The Circle Beard

As highlighted by The Gentleman Blog, the circle beard is often confused with the goatee. They are obviously not similar however as circle beards include an element that goatees don’t.

The element in question is a mustache that spans your upper lip and forms a full circle once it links to your goatee.

Be diligent when maintaining your circle beard. Fail to trim it for a few days and it can grow poorly and lose its distinctive shape. Circle beards are supposed to complement your facial features, but that won’t happen if they are not maintained.

The Anchor Beard

Of all the beard styles, this is probably the toughest one to grow because of all the work that goes into it. Aside from growing your mustache and beard, you need to trim the sides of the beard that extend vertically along the sides of your mouth to maintain the anchor shape.

On top of that, you also need to let a chin strap grow in place.

It’s easy to lose the form of this beard so keep a close watch over it. In exchange for all that hard work, you will be able to feature a beard that beautifully shows off your jawline.

The Short Boxed Beard

Last up is the short boxed beard and this provides men with a good alternative to the full beard that can simply be too much at times. A short boxed beard features the same type of masculine quality inherent to a full beard, but it tends to be much neater.

The sides don’t stick out when you’re sporting a full boxed beard and it’s also a good choice because it works well with all kinds of face shapes.

Going from clean-shaven to bearded can be a big change, but you shouldn’t worry about facial hair reflecting poorly on your grooming skills. If anything a well-maintained beard is the clearest indicator that you’re a man who’s stylish and puts real thought into how he can look his best.
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