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5 Mens Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2018 (Part 1)

5 Mens Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2018 (Part 1)
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Not every man is well-versed when it comes to fashion, and so a bit of assistance in order.

Thankfully, the online world is full of helpful resources that men can use to help them figure out their own sense of style or to learn more about a specific style they are already interested in.

Listed below are five of the top men’s fashion blogs that deserved to be followed for the gents out there who are interested in making dressing well a habit.

1. The Idle Man

The Idle Man is the kind of multi-faceted fashion blog that everyone needs to follow.

It should help you stay on top of the latest style trends while also periodically providing you with some essential reading regarding the trends that dominated men’s fashion in years past.

You may even be able to learn more about how some of the more popular articles of male clothing came to be and why they have stuck around for so long. The blog will also supply you with a variety of articles that tell you how to best wear some of the newest releases.

It’s a contemporary men’s fashion blog that doesn’t really focus on any one area, and that’s fine because you are still getting valuable info regarding a wide range of topics.

2. The Trend Spotter

The world of men’s fashion is constantly moving. Even if you pride yourself on being up-to-date with everything related to men’s style, it’s inevitable that you will miss a few things here and there.

To aid you in your goal of being as fashion forward as possible, The Trend Spotter curates all the latest looks and shows them to you in an easy-to-consume format. This blog is definitely worth a follow if you’re finding yourself taking a greater interest in sporting the bolder looks that many fashionable men are featuring these days.

You may even see something you really like and decide that now is the ideal time for you to completely modernize your look.

3. The Gentleman’s Gazette

In stark contrast to the blog listed right above, The Gentleman’s Gazette does not focus on the latest in men’s fashion. Instead, what this blog does is educate viewers about the finer points of classic men’s style.

Have you ever wondered if you can pull off wearing a tuxedo or if a bowtie is something that will look good on you? This fashion blog will answer questions like that for you.

The Gentleman’s Gazette understand that certain looks for men never go out of style and they drive that point home incredibly well.

4. Dappered

The truth is that many of the recently released men’s clothes and accessories are on the pricy side.

If you’re a young man working his first job right out of college or a family man adhering to a strict budget, buying something new to wear around town can seem like a luxury you simply cannot afford.

Dappered attempts to change that by introducing readers to budget-friendly new releases and the blog also regularly rounds up the latest sales for you to sort through.

Shopping for new clothes on a budget is way easier with some help from Dappered.

5. Well Spent

Well Spent is a fashion blog that doesn’t just focus on showing you items that look good. The blog also wants you to learn about responsibly made products – items that are sustainably produced, designed to stay in your wardrobe for a long time, and do not come from sweatshops.

This blog shows you that compromises do not have to be made when it comes to producing highly fashionable items.

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