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How To Clean Crocodile Leather

How To Clean Crocodile Leather

How To Clean Crocodile Leather

There are a number of ways to clean Crocodile leather, below is a list of steps to follow:

1. Start off by using wooden shoe tree's for the Crocodile leather. By doing so the tree's will help the leather achieve a deeper clean and fill any unwanted cracks on the shoe.

2. Clean the shoe with either a Reptile cleaner which you can purchase at your local shoe repair store or use saddle soap & water. 

(note: you can use cold, luke warm, or hot water depending on your preference)

3. After cleaning the shoe, dry off the leather with a small rag.

4. Apply Mink Oil (recommended brand Meltonian) which conditions and waterproofs the leather.

Note: this can be used for all colors.

5. The final step is buffing the shoe to shine with a soft cloth, you can use any cream or paste (no liquid to avoid cracking).

If you have a personal preference of using a polish to match the shoe color, doing so is acceptable in the cleaning process.

Note: examples of wax/polish = Lincoln wax or Kiwi polish

6. Do not apply any acid or chemicals on the leather!

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