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Recreate Some of the Best Looks of the 73rd Tony Awards with These Shoes

Recreate Some of the Best Looks of the 73rd Tony Awards with These Shoes
The annual show featuring the handing out of Antoinette Perry Awards for Excellence in Broadway Theater, also known as the Tony Awards, took place just recently.

Along with seeing some of their favorite Broadway artists receive their highly deserved awards and catching some spectacular live performances in the process, fans also tuned in to see the great looks that are always on display during shows like this.

Once again, the artists (and their stylists) delivered, and we are going to take a closer look at some of the best looks at the Tonys. Since marveling at all these ensembles is often not enough, we’ll also highlight specific shoes you can pick up if you want to recreate the selected looks. 

Michael Urie

Michael Urie, best known for his work on the TV series “Ugly Betty” and for his recent run in the play “Torch Song” brought a touch of whimsy to the red carpet.

As can be seen in this Esquire article, Urie’s look features a few somewhat unusual elements in the form of the “frayed” cuffs and the oversized shawl lapels. Peeking out from under the jacket is a printed shirt with bold patterning that features just the right amount of visual intrigue.

If you want to tone things down just a bit using your footwear, you can sub in Belvedere’s Savana for the shoes Urie is wearing so that your entire outfit is better balanced. 

Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston may always be known as Walter White to many of his fans, but he clearly cleans up better than his pork pie hat-wearing alter ego.

For the Tonys, Cranston went with the color blue as the central theme of his look. His blue Prada tuxedo may not necessarily be what you would call classic, but it is undeniably stylish.

Cranston’s look is finished with a pair of classic black shoes, but in keeping in line with the blue theme, we recommend wearing a different pair. The Susa brings in an even darker shade of blue that can create a kind of progression throughout the look.

Feature this ensemble to show that feeling blue can work to enhance your personal style. 

James Corden

James Corden is always up for having a bit of fun, and that is evidenced in his late night talk show and in his personal style.

Corden went all out for the Tonys again, going with a tuxedo that is made to shine on the red carpet.

It’s a look that very few people can pull off, but if you feel like giving it a shot, we suggest pairing the stylish tuxedo with the Alfred. If you’re going all out with your style, you might as well push that to the limit by also getting some eye-catching footwear. 

Adam Driver

Last up, we’re featuring a classic look, one pulled off beautifully by Adam Driver.

Donning the classic black tuxedo, Driver’s look is evocative of that inimitable Hollywood style that has always proven to be a crowd-pleaser. You can’t do much to improve upon on Driver’s look at the Tonys, but you can switch things up a bit.

Go with the Mare to add just a hint of flash to your outfit.
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