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4 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid With Men’s Dress Shoes

Posted on January 03 2020

4 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid With Men’s Dress Shoes


High quality, finely crafted dress shoes are an essential component of your wardrobe. But when choosing dress shoes, men often make some common mistakes. Those can undermine your fashion credibility and cost you money. The worst pitfalls are illuminated below, to ensure that you don’t inadvertently step into them when putting on your shoes.

Buying Substandard Style

Dressy should not be compromised by trendy. A genuine men’s dress shoe must convey classic, timeless appeal. Otherwise it lacks character and makes your sense of style seem superficial and contrived. When it comes to a dress shoe, skip the boxy square-toed models and those with rubber or synthetic soles. Always wear a dress shoe crafted from traditional or exotic leathers that also has a leather sole. Stick with a rounded toe shoe in an enduring and elegant style like a wingtip, cap toe, or monk strap.

Confusing Value and Price

Don’t forget to calculate the value of dress shoes over the entire life of your shoes. Say, for instance, that you buy a pair of dress shoes for $200, and they wear out or go out of style within two years. You spent an average cost of $100 per year ($200 ÷ 2 years). Within 10 years you’ll have spent $1,000 (10 years X $100) to keep replacing your dress shoes. But if you pay $500 for a pair of handcrafted artisan shoes that provide outstanding service for 10 years or more, it’s a much better bargain. The most they’ll cost you is $50 per year ($500 ÷10 years). You get at least twice as much value for your dress shoes, despite the higher price point.

Starting on the Wrong Foot

Men often make the mistake of not choosing dress shoes in a strategic way. Each pair needs to fulfill a particular purpose within your wardrobe. If you own a great pair of black dress shoes, your next purchase should be a different versatile color, like oxblood or brown. If you already own dress shoes in a variety of colors, then expand your shoe collection based on style. Add a pair in an exotic leather like the Belvedere Nino, a quarter brogue derby in ostrich and eel. If you own wingtips, maybe you need to diversify by adding a pair of monk strap shoes to your collection. The richly colored double monk shoes in brandy, Belvedere's Amico, are an outstanding option.

Forgetting to Coordinate

When building a fine dress shoe collection, acquire the classic colors like black, tan, chocolate, and oxblood. Then expand based on classic styles and a variety of leathers or exotics. But keep an eye on how your shoes fit into an overall wardrobe scheme. Dress shoes are a core item in your fashion portfolio. They should match the belts you wear with them. You should also select shoes that pair beautifully with the colors of your suits and jackets. Invest in the highest possible quality, too, and your shoes will complement your wardrobe for many years

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