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Boot Styles for Function and Fashion

Boot Styles for Function and Fashion

Boot Styles for Function and Fashion

By Adeline J. Wells

The recent bout of cold spells has reminded us that winter is in full-swing, and its end does not seem to be arriving anytime soon. The season of warm clothes and shoes, many of us have traded out our loafers and oxfords for boots that provide more protection from the cold. With a wide range of styles out there, here are a few key boot designs to incorporate into your winter wardrobe:

Chelsea Boot

Perhaps one of the most popular boot styles to date, the Chelsea Boot is a timeless silhouette that can easily be made to accommodate any occasion. Originally dating back to the Victorian Era, they gained significant popularity during the height of the Swinging Sixties’ mod culture in London. A sleek ankle boot with an elastic side panel, the Chelsea is a semi-casual boot made to be pulled off and on with ease. Crafted from Genuine Alligator Leather, our Ivan Boot is a modern, elevated version of this classic style.

Chukka Boot

The Chukka Boot’s name was derived from the game of polo, in which a chukka is a single period of play. Another popular ankle boot, this design features less eyelets than most other lace-up boots, resulting in a more relaxed, casual appearance.  Made from two pieces of leather or suede, the Chukka typically features crepe soles and a rounded toe. Also dubbed the Desert Boot, this style pairs well with time spent outdoors.

Combat Boot

While the name may evoke mental images of helmets and camouflage, the modern Combat Boot can be worn for warmth, utility, and fashion alike. Characterized by a rounded toe, a lace up front, and a tough, hardy exterior, this style is often paired with the heavier, warmer clothing that winter requires. At Belvedere, our Damian Boot follows the template of a typical Combat Boot; crafted from Genuine Alligator and Italian Calf, it is a heavier, chunkier boot made to endure the natural elements. 

Dress Boot

The Dress Boot is a more trim, smart boot style that pairs well with your most formal attire. Recognized by its slim silhouette, clean lines, and narrow toe shape, this boot is designed to ensure your look stays sharp all the way down to the toe. Like our timeless Stefano Boot, Dress Boots are generally an ankle boot with a lace up front to neatly close the boot underneath a suit, trousers, or jeans.  

As winter will reliably loom on, it is important to ensure that your footwear remains reliable and protective as well. At Belvedere, we have curated our thoughtful selection of boot styles to reinforce the idea that you don’t have to compromise function for fashion. 

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