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Securing the Perfect Fit – How to Find the Shirts and Pants That Look Best on You

Securing the Perfect Fit – How to Find the Shirts and Pants That Look Best on You
Fashion is often subjective.

While there are certain items and styles that can be considered timeless, what we find to be the most appealing still largely depends on our preferences.

By all means, you should feel free to heed your sensibilities and feature the styles you want, but there’s a trend that is preventing many men from looking their absolute best. You may have noticed this already, but more men are now opting to wear clothes that are often a size too big for them.

The reasons behind why men have started following that particular trend are varied.

Some may have just seen their favorite celebrities showcase such a look and they’ve decided that they want to follow suit. As this post on The Modest Man hints at, others may have decided to wear bigger clothes because they’ve gotten complacent or perhaps just lack the confidence to wear clothes that are better suited to their body type.

The main problem with wearing clothes that are too big for you is that they will simply not flatter any of your positive physical characteristics. If you think you’re playing it safe by going with bigger clothes, that’s not the case at all. You’re just doing yourself a disservice.

Make the change now and start wearing clothes that are appropriate to your body.

To help you figure out how to put together a wardrobe full of properly-fitting clothes, please check out the tips below.

How to Determine if a Shirt Fits You Properly

Whether you’re planning to purchase new shirts or intend to have the ones in your closet altered by a tailor, you should first know what a good-fitting shirt actually looks like on you.

There are a few things to look for, according to the Cheat Sheet.

Start by wearing the shirt and then seeing how it fits over your torso. Your shoulders must be able to have at least some room to move around there while the rest of the shirt should remain close to your body as it falls to your waist.

For sleeve length, it should top out at just beyond your wrist when it’s unbuttoned. That way, it will end up exactly where you need it to once you do fix it up.

Also check to see that there’s just the right amount of space between your neck and the shirt collar. The rule of thumb, or I guess finger in this case, is that only one finger should be able to fit in between your shirt’s collar and your neck.

How to Determine if a Pair of Pants Fits You Properly

The belt is a functional accessory, but the pants that fit you right will not have to be held up by one. Ideally, the pair you’re wearing should able to stay in place over your waist with no sagging. That should free you up to wear belts that complement your personal style better.

The Essential Man also notes that the pants should feature a slight taper as they go down your legs in order to prevent them from flaring out. A good fit will also allow the outlines of your legs to emerge, but they shouldn’t be fully embraced by the fabric.

Sometimes, the pants that fit you best will end up too long, causing the bottom hem to extend well below your ankles. You can continue looking for pants that fit you without extending too far down or perhaps take the ones you already found to the tailor to address that issue with the bottom hem.

Looking your best doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavor. As long as you groom yourself properly and wear clothes that fit you perfectly, you can walk out in the world confidently knowing that you are always putting your best foot forward.
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