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Defining Qualities of Crocodile Skin

Posted on May 09 2019

Defining Qualities of Crocodile Skin
Crocodile Skin
How to Tell If You're in Possession of High Quality Crocodile Leather Shoes

There’s something inherently fascinating about exotic leather. It feels like something truly valuable, a material so prized that anything fashioned from it can be considered a luxury item.

Exotic leather gives off that kind of aura because it is indeed treated like a precious commodity. More often than not, exotic leather is either difficult to acquire or challenging to work with. Those are the leading reasons why many artisans prefer using the more conventional materials.

Collectors still can’t help but go after items made out of exotic leather though. These days, items crafted from crocodile leather are highly prized. Those aforementioned items are not easy to find and they often cost a pretty penny.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are presented with the option of purchasing items made from crocodile leather such as shoes, you need to look for certain things to ensure you are getting the real deal.

Listed below are the qualities that will let you know if you are looking at genuine crocodile leather shoes.

1. Crocodile Leather Shoes Are Made from a Belly Cut

One of the easiest ways to find out if you’re looking at genuine leather is to ask the manufacturer where it comes from. Some may assume that the skin of the whole crocodile is used to make leather shoes, but that’s not necessarily the case.

As noted by Safari Center, leather made from the back of the crocodile is usually hard. They can work for suitcases and belts, but hard leather can be uncomfortable in shoes.

To make comfortable crocodile skin shoes, the leather has to come from the belly of the animal. That softer material is easier to work with and it will also feel more comfortable on your feet.

Also, even though it’s called belly leather, it may also feature portions of the crocodile’s chin and tail. Specifically, the undersides of the crocodile’s chin and tail may be mixed in together with the belly leather.

2. Crocodile Leather Shoes Are Exceptionally Durable

After using your crocodile leather shoes for a while, you should be able to determine if you have a pair made from the real stuff or if you’ve been given substandard items.

That’s because crocodile leather is very durable. It’s even regarded as one of the most durable types of leather, according to Vintage Skins.

Of course, crocodile leather would be durable. They are reptiles that often engage other animals in rough combat. They need that tough skin to ward off enemies.

Now, you can make use of that tough hide to properly protect your feet.

3. Crocodile Leather Shoes Feature Irregular Patterns

Crocodile skin shoes feature a gorgeous type of pattern that resembles the animal’s scales. Crucially though, while the pattern may be beautiful, it can’t be perfect.

It’s only natural to see that some of the scales are on the larger side, while others are quite small. If they’re too symmetrical, chances are that your shoes were not crafted using authentic crocodile leather.

If you are still having trouble trying to identify which are the shoes made from real crocodile leather, you can simplify matters by getting your footwear from a reputable retailer. Belvedere Shoes offers more than a few pairs made from crocodile leather.

The Chapo and Franco are particularly worth highlighting because they showcase just how versatile crocodile leather can be in terms of styling.

Crocodile skin leather shoes can be fine additions to your wardrobe, but only if you pick out the right pair. Using the information listed above, you should be able to easily identify if the shoes are made from genuine crocodile leather or not.

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