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Dressing for Success? Look at Your Feet

Dressing for Success? Look at Your Feet


Almost everyone has heard – or even said – that you only have one chance to make a first impression.

It is advice that has withstood the test of time because it is true. You need to present the best side of yourself, especially when you are meeting someone for the first time.

The Importance of Footwear

One way to accomplish this is by dressing well. It is not just about aesthetics. For example, it can signify your professionalism if you are going in for a job interview. In most cases, your sartorial choices indicate the attitude and personality.

When dressing for a job interview, it is important to pay close attention to your shoes. Unfortunately, shoes are often overlooked, but they actually represent an essential part of an outfit.

Think about how a suit worn with classic oxfords. Now, think about the same clothes paired with sneakers. The overall appearance of the ensemble changes, even though it is only the shoes that differed. That is how important shoes are.

Clean and well-kept

The first thing that the pair of shoes should be is well-maintained and clean. A calf leather pair of shoes like the Edson should be spotless when worn. The antique finish of this pair of shoes will stand out when it is clean. If the finish of the shoe is textured, make sure to buff the surface so that the dirt does not get wedged in the crevices.

In the same way that you will not go to a job interview unshaven with clothes that have not been ironed, you should not go to an interview with scruffy shoes.

Appropriate for the Office

There was a time when only formal shoes were considered appropriate for office interviews. But modern settings have become more relaxed with the rules. In fact, some offices encourage a more casual work environment.

Dressing for success is not about showing up in nice clothes. It is more important to wear clothes that are appropriate for the office you are applying for. Knowing the company culture, including workwear standards, also shows that you are proactive and knowledgeable about the company.

If the office allows for a more casual environment, wear the Baltazar, a high-top, calf leather sneaker with an antique finish. There is no ignoring the strong, boot-like lines of this shoe. It makes a creative statement while still maintaining a polished look.

Show Creativity When Needed

In some industries, creativity is not just encouraged. It is also required. Fields like editorial work and fashion design need to hire people with a firm grasp on their personal style. The job interview is part of the process where taste is evaluated.

Make an impact when you need to make one. Express your creativity by choosing shoes that go beyond the usual neutral colors. The Gerry, part of our new Spring Collection 2020, is a perfect example. It is a two-tone dress shoe that comes in combinations of antique almond ostrich leather and navy blue woven calf, as well as antique blue ostrich and white woven calf leather. It is made from calf leather to protect and cushion your feet.

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