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Three Great Gift Ideas for the Tech-Savvy Gentleman

Three Great Gift Ideas for the Tech-Savvy Gentleman
The holidays are fast approaching and that means that it is time once again to go shopping for presents. For those shopping for men, it can be difficult to pick out the right gift.

Asking what he wants will surely help, but that would also completely remove the element of surprise. Unless the gentleman in question has dropped some pretty clear hints about what he wants to receive as a present, it can be tough to settle on something to buy.

You’re in luck though as included in this article are three gift suggestions that should succeed at putting a smile on any tech-savvy gentleman’s face. Without further ado, let’s get to those gifts.

Philips Norelco OneBlade Razor

Shaving can be a real ordeal for many men. Even if all he wants to do is trim his facial hair to a noticeable stubble, it can be tough to find a razor that will provide the results he is looking for.

What differentiates Philips’ Norelco OneBlade Razor from many of the other options on the market today is that it can be specifically calibrated to align with a man’s shaving needs.

The razor comes with three stubble blades that make it easier to keep the facial hair at a specific length. The dual-sided blade excels at precision cutting and because it can cut both ways, users can get more done with each individual stroke.

The head of the razor also moves subtly as it works along the curves of the face to prevent any cuts. The razor in general is designed not to stick closely to the skin and that should give men more freedom as they shave.

Shaving shouldn’t be something that men dread. This razor from Philips will help ensure that men have better shaving experiences moving forward.

Mous Protective Case

The smartphone is such a ubiquitous gadget that it can no longer be ignored from a styling standpoint. Men who want their smartphones to look just as stylish they do should consider picking up a Protective Case from Mous.

The cases come in a variety of styles – Clarity, Contour, and Limitless – and multiple color options are also available. There are options that feature simple styling and others that offer a bit more visual intrigue.

Mous’ smartphone cases are also designed to provide excellent protection for your device. They feature an AiroShock lining that will significantly decrease the amount of force that reaches your smartphone should it fall to the ground. The lining will also help users maintain stronger grips on their smartphones.

Currently, there are cases available for Samsung models that range from the S8 to the S10 and cases that can be used for the iPhone 6 all the way up to the iPhone 11.

The Frame Carry-On

The final gift suggestion is one that will ideally suit the gentleman who also happens to be a frequent flyer. The Frame Carry-On from Arlo Skye is a suitcase strengthened by an aluminum frame. The aluminum frame is also impact-resistant.

TSA-approved clasp locks and the anti-microbial lining protect the items stored inside this suitcase while the quiet wheels enable owners to zoom through the airport’s hallways without disturbing anyone.

The minimalist design of The Frame Carry-On is also a sight to behold.

Picking out a good gift for the gentleman you know is not easy, but it can be done. If you’re still struggling to come up with something to purchase, the gift suggestions above are guaranteed to be hits.
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