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Il Passaggio Collection

Il Passaggio Collection

Il Passaggio Collection

By: Adeline J. Wells

The Sunday of summer, there is a certain melancholy that accompanies the month of August.  Most of Europe opts to vacation during this month, flocking from their homelands to travel, tasting the sweet season’s freedom one last time as it softly comes to an end. August is a time of transition, a breather given to Italy’s crowded piazzas, beaches, and hillsides before its peoples’ return to start anew. One place this is prevalent is Cinque Terre, a string of vibrant villages along Northern Italy’s coastal cliffs. With roving vineyards and abundant seafood, Cinque Terre is perhaps best known for its array of sunny, brightly colored buildings. Staining the seaside to a sunset with shades of gold, blue, and pink, Cinque Terre embodies the essence of summer even as the seasons begin to shift.

It is with this inspiration that we introduce our autumn men’s collection, il Passaggio.  Translating to “the passage” in Italian, il Passaggio evokes the spirit with which Italians approach this time of year.  A season of slow, steady change, late summer in Italy still hones in on warmth and light with gentle, gradual looks toward fall.  Just as the autumn leaves dim from vibrant to dark, il Passaggio is a collection of colorful shoes that range from the rainbow’s lighter hues to neutrals with richness and depth. Designed to be both comfortable and styled with ease, these silhouettes will outlast August’s final days. Worn well with socks as the days grow short and cool, they are designs meant for the turn towards the year’s end.

This sentiment is evident with our Valter Shoe, a sleek take on the typical oxford.  In addition to black, the Valter is also available in white, Summer Blue, and a lovely Rose Pink; hues that are reminiscent of the rainbow that lines Cinque Terre’s rugged coastline.  With buttery layers of Genuine Caiman and Lizard leather, the shoe also features a raised, textured pane on the tip, not unlike the spine of a crocodile; a lively detail to the common silhouette.  For a more classic look, the Gosto Shoe is a loafer that is the perfect late summer shoe, smooth-sided and easy to be slipped on or off.  The Antique Brandy is a beautiful, warm hue that evokes the sweetness of a season coming to close.  Crafted from Genuine Caiman and Italian Calf, this loafer provides a smooth step from warm to cooler days.

As the days grow shorter and autumn nights lengthen, many opt to exchange summery styles for more traditional fall fashions.  A twist on the classic Chelsea Boot, the Ivan is a smart shoe to step through this seasonal shift. A fashion staple for decades, the Chelsea gained popularity in 1960’s London at the height of the mod culture; another time of transition and change. Made of Genuine Alligator Leather, the Ivan is available in a variety of neutrals and deep blues that perfectly embody the turn towards fall and winter weather.   An ankle boot with sweeping planes of bold, rich texture, the Ivan has leather lining with our signature Belvedere emblem engraved on its leather sole. 

At Belvedere, we prioritize creating beautiful, versatile designs that will endure, carrying the wearer throughout the changes of the year.  It is in this vein that we introduce il Passaggio, a transitional collection with a twist on traditional styles.

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