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Keeping Your Watch As Clean As Your Wardrobe

Keeping Your Watch As Clean As Your Wardrobe
The wristwatch is an often underrated element of the man’s ensemble. It effortlessly blends together form and function and it can add either a touch of elegance or quirkiness to your look. If you’re searching for that one accessory that can bring your entire look together, putting on a wristwatch often ends up being a good move.

However, because of how user-friendly wristwatches are, we often overlook the fact that they also accumulate dirt and debris. Though they may still appear stylish, a closer look may reveal that they can benefit from some form of cleaning.

In this article, you will be able to pick up some important tips for cleaning wristwatches. The cleaning process itself is very simple and by heeding the tips below, you should be able to show off a stellar-looking wristwatch all the time.

Disassemble the Watch

The first step of the cleaning process involves disassembling the wristwatch. Often, the case and the straps are made from different materials. You won’t be able to clean them in a similar manner.

Remove the straps from the case first and then you can start to clean the pieces individually.

Some exceptions can be made if the case is water-resistant and the strap material can interact well with water, but even then, you may want to disassemble the timepiece so that you can clean it more effectively.

Cleaning the Case

When it comes to cleaning the case, you can start by taking a clean piece of cloth – microfiber if you have it – and then use that to wipe the case. That should get rid of a significant amount of dirt and grime.

If your case can hold up to water, you can prepare a mixture of water and dish soap and then rinse the case in that for a bit, suggests Men’s Journal. While still moist, take a brush with soft bristles and then clean the nooks and small crevices along the case.

You can let the case air dry or wipe it down with another clean piece of cloth. This article from Men’s Health notes that a hair dryer can be used on the case as long as it’s turned to the low or no heat setting.

Handling the Straps

How you clean the straps of your watch should depend on its material composition.

Watches that make use of nylon, rubber, or silicone straps can be cleaned using some kind of liquid solution. A good yet gentle liquid cleaner should be good enough in this scenario. If you need to clean the straps right away and you don’t have a liquid cleaner on hand, you can mix in some dish soap with water and use that solution on the straps.

Metal straps can be cleaned using a damp cloth, according to The New York Times. Water with soap can also be used on them if the stains are proving stubborn.

Leather straps require the most care. You must first wipe them clean using a dry cloth. To give them a more thorough cleaning, you will need a special leather cleaner and some conditioner is also a must for long-term maintenance.

Remember not to let too much time pass between wristwatch cleaning sessions. During the summer or whenever there’s been a streak of warm or humid days, make it a habit to wipe the watch clean before you go to bed. Clean the watch more thoroughly after every two weeks or so to keep them in great shape.
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