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Find the Right Pair of Men’s Shoes to Complete Your Wedding Attire

Find the Right Pair of Men’s Shoes to Complete Your Wedding Attire

Weddings are joyful occasions. They typically feature two families and two groups of friends coming together to celebrate the union of two people madly in love with one another.

Many wonderful memories will be created during the wedding and these are the moments that everyone in attendance will remember for the rest of their lives. Given that the pictures taken at weddings usually live on for decades after the day, it really wouldn’t be in your best interest to just throw on any outfit.

In this article, we will highlight which shoes you men out there need to wear when you’re invited to a wedding or if you’re actually the one who will be the groom. 

Get Up to Code

While not always the case, you will often find that dress codes are now often set for weddings. Per Esquire, among the more popular choices when it comes to these dress codes include casual, dressy casual, cocktail, beach formal, semiformal, black tie, black tie optional, white tie, and non-standard.

The ones where you have to wear ties are the most formal gatherings, while you can be a bit more relaxed for the dressy casual, cocktail, beach formal, and semiformal affairs. You’ll have more options for weddings with casual dress codes. As for the non-standard dress codes, you’ll have to inquire further about what specific theme the people getting married have in mind.

Notably, it’s not just your choice of tie or suit that will be affected by the dress code set for the nuptials. Your shoes should also change depending on what kind of dress code has been established for the wedding you’re attending so that you meet the couple’s expectations. 

Picking Out the Shoes

Let’s start off with the formal events and which shoes you should wear to them. When it comes to formal weddings, your best bet is to go with something classic.

The oxford is always a good choice for formal weddings because they are capable of pulling your whole ensemble together without drawing too much attention on their own. Don’t over complicate matters and simply go with the black oxfords for the formal wedding.

One tier down – the dressy casual, cocktail, beach formal, and semi-formal group – you can expand your options quite a bit. Oxfords still top the list as the best options but you don’t have to pick them especially if you would prefer something lighter on your feet.

According to TheTrendSpotter, brogues, double monk shoes, and even some of the more stylish loafers are now available to you for weddings that are not very formal. 

A Few More Pointers

If you ever reach the point where you’re struggling to pick out the right shoes to wear to a wedding you’re about to attend, just keep in mind that it’s always best to err on the side of being formal. You may be teased a bit for being overdressed, but no one will really complain about it. Under-dressing is another matter.

Business Insider has also highlighted the top five men’s shoe variants for weddings. Those are the safest options you can wear, and you can’t really go wrong with any of them
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