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Reviving Worn Soles on Artisan Shoes

Reviving Worn Soles on Artisan Shoes

You may wonder, can the Belvedere shoes I love so much be resoled?” Yes, they absolutely can. When the bottoms start to record the miles of your journey, extend their life with new soles. A pair of expertly crafted artisan shoes can actually last a lifetime, if they are routinely maintained.

Engage a Qualified Cobbler

Almost all shoe and boot care can be done quickly and easily at home, to ensure longevity and keep your footwear looking great. But on the rare occasion when you need new soles, an experienced cobbler can do that for you. In the days when all shoes were made by hand, cobblers were essential tradespersons in every city, town, and village. Today cobbler shops are not on every street the way they used to be. But you can still find qualified cobblers who know how to resole fine footwear.

Where to Find a Cobbler

Perhaps you’ve never before sought out a cobbler, and if you do a search for “cobblers” it may not generate many results. These days they primarily advertise their services as “shoe repairs.” So look for shoe repair shops and services, and you will likely find one or more reputable cobblers in your area. A good cobbler will be able to resole your shoes, whether they are made from exotics or traditional leather.

When to Resole Shoes

There are a few signs to look for that will let you know if your shoes are ready for new soles. Resoling is recommended any time the sole’s surface has become split, cracked, or developed a hole. Another test you can do is to press your finger against the middle part of the sole. It should feel firm and solid. When it has become spongy and soft, that’s the symptom of a sole that is ready for replacement. Another telltale sign is that sewing threads on the perimeter of the soles are exposed. In some cases, they may have already become worn out, so that you can see the pinholes where the threads used to be sewn.

Repairing Soles versus Heels

Oftentimes it is possible to replace the heel of a boot or shoe without replacing the entire sole. If only the heels are worn, it will be a much simpler repair. You’ll know you need new heels if yours are no longer tall enough or they aren’t flat across the bottom. Your cobbler may offer you options like rubber heels versus heels that are made of leather or stacked layers of leather. Belvedere recommends that you choose the one that is most similar to the original heels.

The Bottom Line

Belvedere shoes are made to last, so you may never need to have yours resoled. But it’s important to know the symptoms of a shoe or boot that is in need of new soles or heels. With these tips you can locate a cobbler to refurbish them, and your Belvedere footwear will be good to go for further extended use.

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