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Spending More on Shoes - Is it Worth It?

Spending More on Shoes - Is it Worth It?

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Math kicks in every time you purchase something. It seems like a fairly simple situation since 2 will always be greater than 1. It is then easy to say that spending $100 for a pair of shoes is better than denting your wallet with a pair in a higher price, right? Not so fast. 

The price is just one factor you consider when you purchase something. Here, we take a look at the things to consider when thinking about the price of shoes -- and whether or not it is worth it. 

1. The durability of the shoe depends on how it was crafted.

Price usually determines quality. Shoes that are on the higher end of the price scale are often handmade. It means finer stitching and tighter seams. On the other hand, it is not unusual for mass-produced shoes to simply have the parts held together by glue. It might not make much of a difference when the shoe is right out of the box, but it will in the long run. 

If the manufacturer takes the time to construct the shoe, it will last longer. A well-crafted shoe that is maintained well can last several years, while a cheaper version can fall apart in a few months. In the end, you might end up spending more when you have to replace a broken-down pair.

2. Shoes are made to be comfortable. 

Shoes are more than just for fashion. At their core, they are meant to protect your feet. Thus, they need to be comfortable. 

High-quality materials determine how your feet will interact with the shoe. For example, rubber should be thick enough to pad the feet. if the rubber is lacking, it will not do the job of cushioning your steps. 

Another element that determines comfort is craftsmanship. It takes art and science to make a good pair of shoes. You need to get a good balance of both to ensure a good fit. The measurements have to be precise. The height of the foot arch needs to be considered. Creating a good mold to make the shoes requires the skill of more experienced shoemakers.

All of these factors take resources. More often than not, it translates to higher cost. 

3. Heritage brands have earned their reputations. 

The cost of a pair of shoes is not just because of the name of the brand. It is because of the work put behind it. Brands get a good reputation because they produce quality products. They also stay in the business longer because they have a loyal following.

One example of a brand that has put in the work behind its name is Belvedere Shoes. Established by Stefano Giovacchini, Belvedere Shoes started as a small operation in California. But, it carries a long history because of its Italian founder. Giovacchini grew up in Florence, Italy, and lived near shoe factories where he learned the trade. Every shoe produced by Belvedere carries with it the expertise and design philosophies perfected by Italian shoe-making traditions. 

Price and value are two different concepts. When you buy footwear, the bottom line is not just measured in dollars and cents. It is also about quality, style, and how satisfied you are with the product. In cases like these, you really do get what you pay for. 

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