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Staying Comfortable and Stylish for the Holidays Is Possible with the Right Shoes

Staying Comfortable and Stylish for the Holidays Is Possible with the Right Shoes

Holiday Dinner


The holiday season can be oh so stressful.

Between the shopping, the traveling, and all the last-minute preparations, it’s easy to forget that this is supposed to be the part of the year reserved for relaxing and spending quality time with friends and family.

Events also factor into why the holiday season can be so hectic.

Chances are that your event calendar is already filled up by this point, and that’s not even accounting for the impromptu gatherings your friends are undoubtedly going to invite you to.

There are ways to make the holiday season easier to deal with however, and believe it or not, something as simple as your choice of footwear can affect your experiences significantly.


The Shoes to Wear for Formal Events

Office parties are popular near the end of the year, and while most of these are relaxed affairs, some companies prefer to go all out and host lavish functions for their valued employees. If you happen to work for a company that is planning a special year-end event, you will need some good dress shoes to wear.

Lace-on shoes are preferable for formal events and if you’re going to a black tie affair, keep things simple with your choice of footwear.

The Karmelo from Belvedere Shoes is a good choice for a formal gathering.

It’s a classically styled leather shoe that has the traditional accents you would expect to see. What makes it unique is the detailing. There’s more to the Karmelo when you take a closer look at it, and the sole holds a bit of a surprise.

Wearing the Karmelo shows that you have a good eye for formal style and it also signifies that your taste is far from boring.


The Shoes to Wear to Combat the Cold Weather

Traveling is a huge part of the holiday season.

Going from one place to another whether for the purposes of shopping or visiting loved ones can be great fun, but the experience can be made worse if you’re uncomfortable because of the cold.

It’s often not enough to just wear a big jacket and some mitts. You need to keep every part of your body warm, and that includes your feet.

For a stylish solution to your cold weather woes, Belvedere Shoes is offering the Logan. The Logan boots are the epitome of style that never gets old, but that’s not the main reason why you’ll want them for the holiday season.

The sturdy build of the Logan boots keeps your feet comfortable even if you’ve been out in the cold for a long time, so make sure to wear them for long trips.


The Shoes to Wear for Relaxed Reunions

The holiday season is the time when many families like to hold their reunions, and if you have one already lined up, you better have an outfit ready for that event that will keep you nice and comfy for a long day.

When it comes to which shoes you should wear, there’s no need to make things complicated.

The Dayton shoes from Belvedere are straightforward in terms of style and pretty comfortable too. They’re great for staying comfortable as you constantly get up from your seat to greet the relatives that walk in.

The holidays are stressful enough without you worrying about staying comfortable and stylish. The good news is that there are plenty of shoe options available that will suit the many needs of people during that time of the year.

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