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Why Shoes Made from Stingray Leather Can Be Terrific Additions to Your Wardrobe

Why Shoes Made from Stingray Leather Can Be Terrific Additions to Your Wardrobe
All kinds of leathers are used to make shoes.

Calfskin is a popular choice and you can also see a good number of shoes that are fashioned from alligator or eel skin.

One type of leather that is not used as often for the purposes of creating shoes is stingray leather. Some of you out there may not have even been aware that stingray skin can be transformed into a type of leather.

Though stingray leather shoes are not as widespread as other shoes made using other leather variants, that should not be taken as a commentary on its quality. Stingray leather is a high quality material itself and shoes created with it can present a great combination of form and function.

To further understand why stingray leather shoes are worth owning, let’s take the time to take a closer look at stingray leather and examine some of its most important qualities.

Stingray Leather Features Exceptional Durability

Most variants of leather are durable. That’s part of the reason why manufacturers love working with it so much. Even among the many types of leather though, the type of durability exhibited by stingray leather really stands out.

Let’s start with stingray leather being water-resistant. Though most types of leather are quite durable, water is something that can compromise their quality long-term. You still shouldn’t allow your stingray leather shoes to get soaked in water, but they will hold up better to the moisture.

According to, stingray leather is 25 times stronger than cowhide. This is not the kind of leather that will easily give way even as it ages.

On top of all that, you can also expect stingray leather to offer greater resistance to punctures and tears. If you’re the type of person who likes wearing leather shoes every day, stingray leather should suit you.

Weight Is Not an Issue with Stingray Leather

After a long day at the office, your feet will often feel more tired than the rest of your body. Foot fatigue is only made worse by shoes that weigh heavily on top of them.

Shoes are supposed to support your feet. They should make them feel more comfortable. Those are additional reasons for why stingray leather shoes can be good purchases.

Stingray leather is very lightweight. Shoes made from the aforementioned leather won’t suffocate your feet or weigh them down.

For those who’ve had a hard time trying to find leather shoes that provide plenty of comfort, giving stingray skin shoes a try is not a bad idea.

The Appearance of Stingray Leather Can Be Easily Altered

You will often see a bunch of small bumps on a piece of stingray leather. By default, stingray leather presents manufacturers with an interesting textural element to work with, but it can be changed if needed.

Roje Exotics notes that stingray leather can be processed in such a way that its texture appears flatter.

Furthermore, stingray leather also plays well with different colors. It can be painted in all kinds of ways and the results will almost always turn out great.

Stingray leather shoes are not as prevalent as they should be, but there are some good options already available if you want to try them yourself. Stingray leather can work with other materials to create a spectacular final product.

If you don’t have stingray leather shoes just yet, it is time to change that.
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