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Stylish Ways to Wear a Belt

Stylish Ways to Wear a Belt

You’ve probably used a popular belt-wearing technique, which is to wear your shirt tail out, but then tuck a small portion of it in right behind your belt buckle. That can give you the elongated and taller, slimmer look that a totally un-tucked shirt can offer. But it also creates a focal point for the eye.

So if you wear a matching belt and footwear, using this tuck technique accents or highlights that coordination between shoes, boots, and belt. It’s also just a great all-around casual look. But there are other ways to wear belts that can also be effective for giving you a signature look.

Go Bold and Colorful

Men usually focus on their shirt, tie, jacket, scarf, or pants to add eye-catching color to an outfit. They may also wear colorful shoes that can liven up their look. Those are all effective strategies, and give help contribute to a one-of-a-kind signature style.

But don’t forget your belt.

That easily overlooked accessory offers one of the most effective ways to achieve a bold bit of color. Belvedere offers exotic and unique examples, like the eel belt in purple or the alligator belt in lavender, to add a pop of color.

Craftsman Style

Craftsmen sometimes wear their belt with the buckle set off-center. Instead of it directly in front in the conventional way, they slide it over to the side so it’s halfway between your centerline and your front pocket. That’s so they don’t snag it on something when working, and so the buckle will not accidentally scratch the surface of whatever it is they are crafting or using.

For example, if you’re playing a guitar the buckle may scrape the instrument unless you slide it out of the way. So for a really interesting and unique look, try wearing your belt with the buckle in this asymmetrical position.

Add Texture

You can also add texture using a belt such as the Belvedere eel belt in an attractive Camel color. An exotic belt in caiman, alligator, or ostrich, for instance, will give you a little texture around the waist. Match it to your exotic leather shoes or boots or just use it to break up a monochromatic color scheme and add a dash of style.

Other types of belts that work great when you need that extra texture are beaded belts─the Western style fashioned in the Native American tradition. You can find leather belts with panels of colored fabric built into the design, too, as well as cloth belts that are made with a little additional tactile and visual texture.

From Boring to Exciting

A belt can also be the perfect colorful accent to tie together the other tonal elements you’re wearing. Instead of only wearing shoes or sneakers that bring color to your look, match them with an equally colorful belt. That harmonizes your look and gives it more balance.

Say you’re wearing a classic gray suit. To instantly go from boring to exciting, add color-coordinated accessories like a pocket silk, tie, belt, and shoes that all harmonize or match. Now you’ve got a formula that is super easy to apply and gives you virtually unlimited options.

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