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The Easy Way to Keep Sneakers Spotless

Credit: George Berdize Unsplah

Everyone loves the look of a great pair of sneakers, whether they are a classic old school style or a bold new design. But what nobody cares for, and what those who market and sell traditional sneakers don’t like to acknowledge, is that cloth kicks are a beast to keep clean. That’s why those who are in the know rely on the simplest solution in the world. They transition into more durable and easily maintained leather sneakers.

Ways You Can Try to Keep Canvas Footwear Clean

Cloth shoes can be washed, even in the washing machine, which is quite convenient. The problem is that stubborn stains don’t come out in the laundry, and footwear is constantly subjected to dirt, mud, grease, and grime. You can expect that they’ll lose their good looks long before they wear out and fall apart. Cloth sneakers have a much shorter lifespan than leather does, too, because they just aren’t as durable. There are leather shoes and boots that are still in great shape and totally functional after decades of wear. Longevity is a wonderful trait when it comes to shoes. But even the finest quality leather benefits from some routine maintenance a few times a year, to keep it looking fabulous.

Keep Leather Sneakers Looking New

The good news is that leather sneakers are very low maintenance. The main thing is to keep them polished. Leather polish not only adds beautiful color and luster, but it puts protective layers between the leather surface and whatever might get it dirty. A layer or two of polish, applied whenever the leather starts to look dry or dull, will help to shed stains and withstand exposure to the elements. If your leather sneakers get wet, don’t put them by a heater to dry. Clean then with a soft rag, stuff them with newspaper, and place them in a dry room, preferably one with good ventilation. Let them dry gradually and then treat them with leather conditioner and polish. If they get really soiled, use a quality leather shampoo to clean them before conditioning and polishing. Those simple and easy steps can keep leather sneakers clean, soft, and supple year after year.

A More Versatile Sneaker

The history of the sneaker design traces it origins back to sports, which is why they convey that free and easy and energetically fun vibe. But leather is an enduring traditional material for footwear that runs the gamut from casual to formal, and it contributes a rich, classic aesthetic. Combine the two─the sporty design and the classic elegance of fine leather─and you have the best of both worlds. That means that you can wear leather sneakers in a casual, business casual, or even more conservative environment and they’ll still be appropriate. Leather gives sneakers a distinct fashion upgrade and edge that cloth just doesn’t have. They can gracefully adapt from the beach to urban nightlife and back to the office again. So when you want a sneaker that can do double and triple duty, invest in easy-to-clean leather.

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