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Tips for a More Slimming Wardrobe

Tips for a More Slimming Wardrobe

Do you want your wardrobe to do even more for you than make a style statement? Then consider ways that the right clothing choices can visually make you look slimmer and even taller. The cut of your clothes can definitely do that, of course, but so can other characteristics. Once you know the basics of how to create a slimming wardrobe, it’s easy and fun.

Use Horizontal Lines

Visual artists teach that horizontal lines give the illusion of width, while vertical lines create a sense of height. Apply that to your wardrobe selections and you can use verticals, such as pinstripes, to look taller and slimmer. Or wear a necktie (vertical) versus a bowtie (which extends side-to-side).

A single-breasted jacket with narrow lapels tends to create a slimming, straight up and down line. But a double-breasted one with wider lapels makes you look instantly wider. Checks and plaids will add visual weight, too, especially if they’re big and bold. The opposite holds true for subtle stripes or solids.

You can still rock a favorite belt, but stick to those that are narrow and blend in color-wise. Slimmer belts are dressier, but if you’re going casual you can skip the belt. Leave your shirttail out and that can add length to slim your profile.

Select the Right Fabrics

Layering will literally add width and thickness around your body, so keep that in mind if you’re trying to trim your silhouette. For a slimmer look you want to select fabrics that don’t have heft and texture.

Instead of wearing a bulky cable knit sweater, for example, choose a warm but slimming cashmere pullover. Make it a V-neck, and you’ll get the benefit of that V-shape, which forms a visual vertical arrow to trick the eye with a slimming illusion.

Corduroy, with narrow piping, can also work thanks to those vertical lines. But avoid thick or prominent corduroy or you’ll undermine that strategy because of the thicker looking fabric. Just pay attention to the texture of fabrics. Soon it will become easy to see which ones add unwanted weight and which ones help shed the visual weight.

Choose the Right Colors

Big, bold colors enlarge your look, while muted and darker colors slim you down. Stick to the same basic muted tones from head to toe, and that consistent coordination will slim you from top to bottom. If you wear a black suit with a black dress shirt and black dress shoes, you’ll immediately feel and see the difference. So will others.

The bottom line is you don’t have to resort to Spandex to achieve a slimming wardrobe. You can dress for style and comfort and still look trimmer, as long as you apply some basic visual tips and techniques to your outfits.


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