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How to Improve the Experience of Wearing Boots

How to Improve the Experience of Wearing Boots

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Boots are underused options in the typical man’s wardrobe, which is a shame considering how much potential they hold.

The problem is that many men are unaware of how to pair boots with the other articles of clothing in their wardrobe, meaning they don’t look as good as they should.

Another issue that men typically encounter when wearing boots is that they may experience discomfort. Structurally speaking, boots differ significantly enough from other men’s shoe types that it can be a challenge to simply keep them on your feet. They’re big and often heavy, and that’s not a combination typically seen in men’s shoes.

Men may also struggle just trying to pick out boots that look good on them, due in part to the fact that they have probably spent most of their lives wearing sneakers or slip-ons.

The good news is that the experience of wearing men’s boots does not have to be an unpleasant one, especially if men are aware of certain things.

Things to Remember When Buying Boots

Let’s begin with the process of picking out the right pair of boots for you. To do this properly, you need to remember a few useful tips.

First off, AskMen reminds you to bring thick socks with you when you are out shopping for boots. The reasoning behind this is simple.

Boots are usually worn more once the weather has become cooler because you want them keeping your feet nice and cozy. By bringing the thick socks along, you are ensuring that the boots you will buy will continue to fit you snugly when you need them the most.

Speaking of fit, it’s also important to give your feet enough room to move around in the boots so that you can avoid a painful experience.

In order to find the boots that fit you perfectly, TheTrendSpotter advises you to try sticking your finger between your heel and the back portion of your shoe. There must be room there, and if there isn’t, then those boots are going to hurt you down the line.

Lastly, don’t forget to closely examine the boots to see if they feature the style and detailing you want. Boot styles are a bit more varied, and that should make it easier for you to find a pair that works well with the rest of your wardrobe.

Pairing Boots Up with Clothes

Boots are pretty forgiving when it comes to pairings.

Pick out a pair of black or brown boots and pair them with your usual array of shirts and jackets. That way, they work to round out your look instead of serving as the showpieces.

The Logan from Belvedere Shoes is an example of a stylish yet understated boot that can pair well with many items in a man’s wardrobe.

If you want to try out a more modern look, then Belvedere’s Damian is a wise choice. It’s even enough of an eye-catcher that it can work as the highlight of your attire. Try to show off more of the boot by adjusting the cuffs of your pants.

Even if all of your past experiences with boots have been unpleasant, that’s no reason to deny them entry into your wardrobe forever. By following some simple tips, your experience with boots can be greatly improved, and you may even end up wanting to wear them more and more moving forward.

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