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Why One Belt is Never Enough

Why One Belt is Never Enough

Most guys understand why they need a variety of different shoes and boots. But they don’t always realize the importance of simultaneously building a versatile and stylish collection of belts. A handsome belt can instantly set you apart from the crowd and make a beautiful fashion statement. Just pay attention to some expert guidelines, so that you know how to correctly mix and match your belts.

Texture, Color, and Materials

For every pair of shoes you own, you should have a belt in the same color. Business wear is dressier, and typically calls for belts that are made of smooth, traditional, high quality leather. Wear dark brown, black, or oxblood, matching your dress shoes. Dressy belts should not exceed a width of about one and half inches, whereas casual belts can be wider. If the shoes can be worn for both dress and casual, you need both dress and casual belts in those shoe colors.

Casual Wear

For strictly casual wear, belts can be made from leather, fabric, or a combination of both cloth and leather. You should still try to match casual belt colors to the main colors of your casual shoes, whether they are made from canvas, leather, or both. Belts made from exotic leather often come in a variety of colors and textures, and they can contribute a really fashion-forward look to a casual wardrobe. Belvedere’s caiman belt in olive green, alligator belt in lavender, and navy blue ostrich quill belt are great examples.

Statement Hardware

There is an additional rule you’ll want to follow. The metal buckle of the belt should also match the metal jewelry that you wear. Buckles are usually silver, gold, brass, or bronze. Coordinate those with your other metal accessories. So silver cufflinks or bracelets worn with black shoes can be paired with a black belt that has a silver buckle. But a gold belt buckle would clash with your silver accessories. You’ll notice that metals may have a non-reflective matte finish or a shiny mirror finish. When possible, match the finish of the metals, too. If you wear shoes or boots that come with buckles, then pair them with similar color belt buckles.

Business Attire

Usually exotic leather belts are best for occasions that call for business casual or casual attire. A modern business style, however, can successfully incorporate exotic leather belts. But for business or more formal attire you’ll want exotic leathers in dark, classic colors and those that have a more subtle texture and subdued pattern. The black eel or chocolate ostrich leg belts offered by Belvedere meet those criteria.

Choose carefully when shopping for belts, and hunt for enduring quality rather than buying the latest seasonal trends. You’ll be able to easily create a signature belt collection. That will give  you a more flexible year-round wardrobe and a great overall look.

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