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Why You Should Wear Distressed Leather Shoes More Often

Why You Should Wear Distressed Leather Shoes More Often

What are the reasons why you are drawn to wearing leather shoes?

 Their durability is a real plus and they can be quite comfortable too. Those are good reasons to like leather shoes, but let’s be honest, they’re not the main reason.

 For many leather aficionados, the reason why they are in love with this fine material is because of its stunning appearance. High quality leather is second to none in terms of looks.

 Still, even if you own a pair of high quality leather shoes, you may notice that something’s off. You may find that they are missing that extra something that takes their appearance over the top.  That extra something could very well be age.

 Leather looks its best when it already has a bit of age. You don’t have to wait around for your leather shoes to age however. If you want to wear shoes that show off that distinctive and iconic quality of leather, you can reach for items fashioned out of distressed leather.


What Is Distressed Leather?

 Technically speaking, distressed leather does not have to actually be old, but it should look the part. To pull that off, manufacturers can employ certain techniques to alter the appearance of the leather.

 According to WiseGeek, techniques that manufacturers may use to treat the leather include applying a coating of an alcohol-based agent. The leather is then wrinkled on purpose in order to create creases that add more character to the material.

 In some cases, manufacturers may even opt to employ practices that purposely scrape at the material in an effort to distinguish its appearance.

 Put some leather shoes next to distressed leather shoes and you will be able to see the big difference in how they look right away.


Why Does Distressed Leather often Look Better than Ordinary Leather?

The reason why distressed leather often looks better than regular leather is due to something known as patina. Patina is a kind of film that you can find forming over the surface of certain materials. More specifically, patina forms over natural materials.

Leather and wood are some of the materials that can form a patina, according to Ullu. The reason why you want there to be a patina on your leather shoes is because it adds a distinctive type of shine that is quite a sight to behold.

You’re not getting that from leather that has hardly been wrinkled or scratched. Patina also forms naturally over the surface of a material. You don’t really have to do much of anything beyond providing the basic level of care for your leather products.

Over time, you’ll notice that patina becoming more prominent as it alters the look of your leather shoes in a positive way.


How Do I Get a Pair of Beautiful Distressed Leather Shoes?

Some of the leather shoes in your closet may have already developed a patina. Wear those more often to enhance their look even further.

If you don’t have leather shoes that fit the aforementioned description, you can get the Ralph from Belvedere Shoes. These distressed leather shoes are expertly styled and they are also made from full grain leather thus ensuring that they will look better as they age.

Pick up a pair for yourself and see what the patina can do for you.
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