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The Fashion Trends You Need to Know about before the Arrival of Spring 2019

Upgrade your shoes with these fashion trends

The arrival of the new year is a time for celebration for everyone all over the world. However, the new year is also a time for preparation. Every new year brings with it new trends for the fashionable folks to watch out for, and 2019 will be no different.

To get a head start on 2019, check out some of the new styles that are expected to become in vogue by the time spring rolls around. We've included some shoe-related trends to keep in mind as well as some general fashion trends that you may want to follow while putting together your new ensembles. 

Inspired by The Wild, Wild West 

A staple of men's fashion is expected to be back in a big way next spring, with that being the cowboy boot. Designers have developed a fondness for playing around with the classic pair of cowboy boots.

As noted by Vogue, variations of the cowboy boots that were seen hitting the runways recently include more traditional fare, meaning they're made of black leather and are structured in a very familiar way.

However, don't be surprised if you start seeing more unconventional takes on the cowboy boots too. If bubblegum pink cowboy boots are going to become trendy, then you can imagine that the leading designers have some more interesting offerings up their sleeves. 

A Reptilian Theme 

Don't worry. If brightly-colored cowboy boots aren't your thing, there are other footwear options that you can consider trying out for next spring.

Reptilian leather is expected to be a big thing next season, so bust out those snakeskin jackets and pants. Now, if you don't have snakeskin products ready to go in your closet, there's no need to get some new pants and/or jackets just to get in on the trend.

Reptilian leather has long been a popular material to use for crafting shoes and there are some great choices currently available.

Belvedere's lineup of alligator skin shoes includes boots, slip-ons, and simple lace-up dress shoes. Pick out your favorite, add it to your collection, and rest easy knowing that you're ready to follow the reptilian leather trend. 

Who Wears Short Shorts? 

Are you already getting excited for summer because you can't wait to stroll around town in your favorite pair of shorts? Well, the good news for you is that you won't need to wait until the summer to break out your shorts.

Shorts, especially the really short shorts, are expected to become trendy next spring, so feel free to show off those calves of yours.

According to TheTrendSpotter, shorts will pair nicely with sneakers, loafers, and brogues among several other footwear options. Feel free to choose whichever type of shoe you like the most and pair it with some short shorts this spring. 

Some Sage Advice 

Sage is not a color commonly used for shoes, but if you happen to have a pair in that shade, then you're in luck. GQ notes that sage is set to be one of the defining colors of the coming spring.

Thankfully, sage is a pretty forgiving color and pairing it up with other hues is not going to be a big challenge. 

Spring is still a few months away, but it never hurts to be prepared. Now that you know about the coming spring fashion trends, you can acquire the pieces needed to look stylish as soon as the flowers start to bloom again.

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