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What You Need to Know before Wearing Loafers

What You Need to Know before Wearing Loafers

Men's Loafers | Plato, by Belvedere Shoes

The loafer is an underappreciated example of men’s footwear. You’re probably never going to wear it to any black tie event, but in a workplace setting, it’s most certainly appropriate. You can also choose to go casual while wearing loafers and take them out for a stroll on a nice, relaxing day.

Still, just as with any other type of men’s shoe, loafers can’t go with everything. They shine in certain ensembles and look out of place in others.

Many gentlemen probably own several pairs of loafers but they likely don’t know how to take full advantage of their distinct type of styling. The good news is that it’s not that difficult to get the most out of loafers, which is why you should do exactly that each and every time.

 In this article, we’ll lay out some things you can do to properly show off your loafers.

Pick the Right Type First

There are several types of loafers, but the ones you’ll find easily are the penny loafers, the tassel loafers, and the snaffle or Gucci loafers.

If you want to stick with the classics, the one that is just all about simple styling and letting the craftsmanship speak for itself, then you can’t go wrong with the penny loafer. You can go just about anywhere with penny loafers on your feet, though some would argue that they are overly simplified and add nothing of note to your look.

Tassel loafers stand out from the other variants because of that design flourish up front. They’re a bit more eye-catching and so you’ll have to put more thought into blending them into the rest of your look. Because they are more natural attention-grabbers, it’s even more important for you to take into account the quality of their construction. Check out Belvedere’s Bari to see what a finely made tassel loafer looks like.

The snaffle or Gucci loafer is the variant of this shoe type that you should wear if you’re aiming to impress with your outfit. The golden strap that goes across the facing of the shoe is a spectacular addition and it elevates the rest of the item. You can easily get away with wearing your best suits together with Gucci loafers. Belvedere’s Plato is a fine example of what a Gucci loafer should be.

Should You Wear Socks with Your Loafers?

One of the dilemmas you’ll inevitably encounter if you’re someone who loves to wear loafers is whether you should wear socks or go without them.

If you’re wearing shorts, then you absolutely have to go sockless. It’s also best to go with shorts that don’t hang low to avoid obscuring the loafers.

D’Marge notes that it’s also a good idea to not wear socks if you have chinos on.

When wearing suit trousers and jeans, wearing socks is advisable. Make sure that the socks you’re wearing are simply-styled and color-coordinated with your pants of choice. You can round out your ensemble better if you do that.

How Low Should the Pants Go When Wearing Loafers?

You paid good money for your loafers, so why would you want to cover them up? When pairing them up with pants, you have to make sure that the loafers are shown off properly.

The pants you’re wearing should hang just below the ankle but not to the point that there is no space between the shoe and the cuff. It’s okay to have your socks or the tops of your feet be exposed because loafers are designed not to ride up high. If you’re wearing tassel or Gucci loafers, it’s even more important for you to have them fully displayed.

It’s hard to get your styling wrong with a fine pair of loafers on your feet.  By following some simple guidelines though, you can bring out the best in them more easily.

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