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4 Steps to Build Your Signature Wardrobe

building a signature wardrobe

One of the best investments in terms of clothing and accessories is a signature wardrobe. That means one that is as unique to you as your own handwriting, and expresses your sense of style in way that makes a memorably personalized fashion statement. Creating that kind of wardrobe can be a rewarding and fun journey, and here are four essential steps to get things rolling.

#1 Outline Your Goals

There are many fashion role models to emulate, and that’s a good place to look for both fresh and classically traditional ideas. But to make your style your own, it’s important to also examine your own uniqueness.

  • What do you want to highlight about yourself?
  • How do you want to be perceived and what kind of personal brand statement do you want to make at work?
  • Are you all about casual comfort and relaxation?
  • Do you prefer to show up in a polished, dressy way?
  • Is elegance your goal, or are you more into breaking the style rules in a bold, unconventional way?

Take a deep dive into your sense of who you are to get a clear idea of the fashion direction you want to go.

#2 Start with Core Items and Colors

Most men do well to start with neutral colors that mix and match easily and go with almost any accessories. Slacks, jeans, and jackets in muted tones like khaki, charcoal, navy blue, and brown work fine when paired with virtually any color of shoes, ties, hats, socks, or scarves. Those neutral colors never go out of style, either, so you can mix them with whatever happens to be trending.

Acquire a variety of core items that you’ll wear with multiple outfits, too. Those include jackets, overcoats, hats, shirts, boots, shoes, and signature accessories like belts, watches, and jewelry.

#3 Discover Your Key Statement Pieces

Actor Samuel Jackson discovered that a particular type of Kangol hat conveyed his style and personality. Film director Spike Lee realized that signature eyeglasses could do the same for him. Apple’s founder Steve Jobs reinvented the turtleneck. Musician Johnny Cash became “the man in black” through his wardrobe choices. Tupac Shakur wore a simple bandana, but in a way that became so iconic it was praised by Vogue Magazine−a leading fashion industry authority.

You can do the same. Find one or two items or particular looks that you can own as your instantly recognizable signature. Then build your wardrobe around those with individuality and confidence.

#4 Invest in Quality and Fit

If you have two or three outfits that look amazing on you, that’s plenty to start with, as long as you mix and match their components and your accessories for variety. You can always grow your wardrobe without wasting time and money, as long as you value sustainable quality over poorly made quantity.

Insist on a perfect fit, and if you outgrow that fit engage a skilled tailor to keep you looking handsomely attired. Revisit your goals once a year, to ensure that your look consistently represents your individual personality. Soon that signature style will become a one-of-a-kind classic, with your unique name all over it in a way that nobody else can touch.

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