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Introducing ‘Primavera’ Spring 2022 Collection

Introducing ‘Primavera’ Spring 2022 Collection

Spring ‘Primavera’ Collection 


MARCH 1, 2022

There is perhaps no season that is looked forward to more than the coming of spring. Its arrival breaks winter’s somber spell, casting instead a new glow that emanates from the risen sun, signifying the sweetness of renewal. It signifies rebirth; the Earth’s elements shift so that the ground may thaw, buds may bloom, and animals and humans alike may awaken. In Florence, Italy, where the idea for Belvedere Shoes was born, clean morning light spills over the hills that stretch in the distance, its warmth weaving through the streets; the violet wisteria trees begin to blossom with fervor. City and Earth are called to life once again. 

It is with this in mind that we introduce our new men’s collection for this season, aptly titled the Primavera Collection. To us at Belvedere, primavera, the Italian word for spring, evokes both the season’s radiance and beauty, rolling from the tongue just as softly as the flowering hills roll along the Tuscan horizon. This new selection of shoes was assembled to induce a rich rainbow in the eye of the beholder, with inspiration drawn from baby blue painted skies, turned soil, and sun soaked rays. These shoes were designed with intention to be both versatile and comfortable, able to be worn into the night with ease as our days begin to lengthen. Created with growth and resilience in mind, this collection was made to last.

None of this is more evident than with our Parker Shoe, sold in an appealing golden hue appropriately dubbed “Sunny.” Crafted out of Genuine Ostrich and Soft Calf, the Parker is a sleek, elevated take on your typical sneaker. Featuring buttery leather, tieless laces, and a cushioned rubber sole, these bright and lightweight shoes were fashioned to launch you into spring. Pair them with our ostrich quill belt and you will be able to endure whatever changes the season has to offer.

Complementing the Parker in Sunny, the Brady Shoe in Antique Aqua was designed to reflect the beauty of fresh springtime skies. The Ostrich and Calf leather contrast paired with pearly white edging make for rich textural diversity across the shoe, while navy brushstrokes create visual accents over the top. While at first appearing similar to a standard saddle oxford shoe, the Brady is also uniquely fixed with a rubber sole, providing for a modern cross between comfort and elegance. 

At Belvedere, we take pride in creating unique, fashionable versions of shoes that suit our clients’ needs, no matter the season of life. It is with this ethos that we reveal the Primavera Collection; our fresh take on classic designs. Whatever your plans for this season may be, may your first step into spring be made in style.

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