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The 7-Piece Ensemble That Can Keep Any Man Comfortable During Cold Fall Days

The 7-Piece Ensemble That Can Keep Any Man Comfortable During Cold Fall Days
The start of fall is still a few months away, but it’s never too early to fill your closet with the appropriate seasonal clothing. After all, it’s not ideal to get caught off guard by the sudden emergence of the colder weather.

In this piece, we will highlight the different articles of men’s clothing that should help make it easier for you to go through even the chilliest days of the coming fall.

We’re going from top to bottom here, so let’s start with what you can wear over your head to make the cold days more bearable.

Flat Caps

When selecting fall headwear, your focus should be more on finding something that can keep you cozy, although it wouldn’t hurt if it also enhanced your style.

This is why the flat cap comes highly recommended.  Its distinctive appearance conveys a sense of refinement that is not provided by many other examples of headwear.

TheTrendSpotter notes that flat caps are typically designed to fit snugly around your head to provide more warmth. Try to find a flat cap made out of either tweed or wool to maximize the amount of warmth you’re getting.


The scarf makes a great case for being considered as the quintessential fall accessory. Adding a scarf to your ensemble can make the difference between you feeling comfortable outdoors or needing to find a heater as quickly as possible.

For men, the recommended scarf width is around six to seven inches.

If you don’t know a lot about how to tie scarves properly, feel free to check out this article from Real Men Real Style.

Heavy Blazer

You probably have your winter coat ready to go right now in your closet, but it’s often too warm for fall weather. Sweaters are good for keeping you warm, but they aren’t always the most stylish pieces.

Strike a balance between your warmth and fashion needs by going with a heavy blazer. You can try out more style combinations using this article of clothing and it is dressy enough to be worn to certain formal events.

Chambray Shirt

The normal dress shirt is usually too thin to hold up against the coldest of fall days. You need something with a little more heft to it.

Chambray bears a striking resemblance to denim, but it can be more versatile in terms of styling. The lightweight chambray shirts in particular are great options to include in your office outfit.

Flannel Trousers

Much like the other materials mentioned previously in this article, flannel is capable of providing warmth and comfort amidst the cool weather, but that’s not the only reason why flannel trousers are great to wear during that time of the year.

The softness of flannel works to your advantage and the material also doesn’t get heavy when exposed to the often moist fall air.

Gray flannel trousers are particularly great to have during the fall because they are incredibly comfortable and they are also versatile enough to pair with all kinds of shirts, jackets, and blazers.

Wool Socks

You can’t forget about your feet when putting together your fall outfit. Wool socks are great options to consider because they excel at staying dry.

Even if you have to trudge through streets covered with damp, fallen leaves, you won’t have to deal with excessive amounts of moisture reaching your feet.


Similar to wool socks, boots are fall-appropriate because they keep your feet adequately protected from the moisture that usually hangs heavy in the fall air. Even if it starts to rain, your boots will be able to keep your feet comfortable.

Consider Belvedere’s Logan when shopping for boots to wear for the upcoming fall season. Apart from its inherent beauty, the Logan is a fine example of fall footwear because it is durable enough to withstand the worst that this season has to offer.
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