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Three Tips for Ensuring Your First Trip to Las Vegas Is a Success

Three Tips for Ensuring Your First Trip to Las Vegas Is a Success
The city of Las Vegas is one of the world’s favorite vacation spots, and that should come as no surprise. You won’t run out of fun things to do while you’re in Sin City.

If you’re looking to catch a big fight, check the events calendar because there’s likely one taking place in Vegas sometime soon. Looking to spend a fun weekend hanging out with your best buddies? Las Vegas can supply you with all the entertainment options you need.

Of course, given the city’s standing as such a popular tourist destination, planning a trip there cannot be done at the last minute. It would be best to plan ahead to make sure that you and your friends can spend the bulk of your time enjoying The Entertainment Capital of the World instead of worrying about other matters.

By following the three tips included below, you can increase the odds of your first trip to Vegas turning out great.

Save Money by Booking Plane Tickets at the Right Time

Before doing anything else, you have to secure your tickets to Las Vegas. Right away you may notice that the flights to Vegas are not exactly affordable.

Obtaining tickets for super-low prices may prove impossible, but you can still save money by buying at the right time.

According to Skyscanner, the best time to book tickets on a flight to Las Vegas is around four weeks before departure. You may get the tickets at 10 percent cheaper if you shop that early.

Planning that far ahead may not work for you and your friends though. In that case, FareCompare recommends shopping for your plane tickets on Tuesday afternoons because those are the times when sales are usually launched.

You may also want to check out ticket prices on Wednesdays and Saturdays if you’re flying domestically because they may still be on the low end on those days.

Create Different Budgets and Stick to Them

The temptation to splurge in Las Vegas is going to be overwhelming and unrelenting. Allow it to intoxicate it you for merely a moment and you may find your pockets cleaned out by the time you realize what’s going on.

No one’s saying that you shouldn’t spend while you’re in the city because it’s hard to have fun that way. What you should do though is create different budgets.

Set up a budget for food, for attending shows if there are ones you want to see, and don’t forget money for your lodging if you didn’t pay in advance. Go ahead and create a gambling budget too, but do not exceed it.

As long as you adhere to your spending limits, you should be fine.

Pack Different Kinds of Outfits

Las Vegas is located in a desert, so your first instinct is probably to pack nothing but clothes that play well with warm weather. To be clear, warm weather clothes are essential when you’re going around town and moving from one establishment to another, but things are different when you get settled.

According to Oyster, many of the casinos, restaurants, and theaters found in the city have powerful air-conditioning systems that can make you feel chilly in a hurry.

Include a sweater or a jacket in your luggage and remember to bring that along when you’re hitting the town together with your friends. Also, pack two pairs of shows: a pair of tennis shoes, such as the Anthony, and a pair of dress shoes, like the Lago. You never know who might invite you out and where they might invite you, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," sure, but you want to make sure that when it's happening to you, you're in comfort and style.

Las Vegas is one of the best places to visit anywhere in the world, but if you’re not adequately prepared, you may not enjoy the trip that much. Don’t forget about the tips above if you want your maiden voyage to America’s Playground to be one that is truly for the ages.
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