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8 Stylish Men on Instagram to Follow

8 Stylish Men on Instagram to Follow

Instagram Inspiration for Manly Wardrobes

Instagram, that popular picture paradise, is people watching like none other. Even if you don’t like Instagram, get a little exposure and you’ll find yourself clicking away, staring, glaring and laughing at the pics as they stroll by. For men who love fashion, however, it’s a place to get more wardrobe ideas.

The Instagram accounts below are next level in men’s fashion, well-dressed men from around the world that can help you ramp up your style choices. If you’re looking for insane wardrobe inspiration, look no further.

Gennaro Annunziata

An Italian tailor with great hair, Gennaro Annunziata’s Instagram feed is a mix of tailored suits, business casual, summer and winter wear. You’ll find ties and ascots, polos and cotton tees, Hawaiian shirts and crocodile shoes.

Instagram Account: g_annunziata

Luka Sabbat

Mr. Fallback, Luka Sabbat is a style icon with well over 1 million followers. From street wear to the Met Gala, his feed has enough inspiration for a life time. Not everybody can look equally good on a gun range (jeans, t-shirt, cowboy boots, rifle) and at the Met (bright red tux and bow tie). Luka carries it off nicely.

Instagram Account: lukasabbat

A post shared by Mr. Fallback (@lukasabbat) on

Tinie Tempah

An English talent with the long name, Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu is a rapper, singer and songwriter. He’s as talented in his dress modes as he is in his music. You’ll find a lot of patterns and a lot of flair on this Instagram feed, but you’ll also find every day streetwear that shows class can happen anywhere.

Instagram: tiniegram

A post shared by Tinie Tempah (@tiniegram) on

Suit Supply

This Dutch retailer is growing in the Instagram ranks with shots of tailored suits, bomber jackets, t-shirts and waistcoats. From laid-back casual to high-stakes roll, you’ll be sure to find a few looks your wardrobe can’t do without.

Instagram: suitesupply

A post shared by Suitsupply (@suitsupply) on

Marquelle Turner

Born and raised in the small town of Johnsonville, North Carolina, Marquelle Turner has come a long way from his roots. He’s traveled to Italy, Amsterdam and more, lived in France and New York, and takes inspiration from everywhere he goes and everything he does.

Instagram: marquelleturner

A post shared by MARQUELLE. (@marquelleturner) on

Khaled Nasr

In a Mens Fashion Magazine interview, Khaled Nasr said, “Style is about taking the best of everything you see and creating your own personal look and style that works for you.” We couldn’t agree more, and with Khaled’s Instagram feed you’ll get a lot of “the best of everything.” Take what you love, leave what you don’t, but you’re guaranteed to walk away with some ideas for wardrobe enhancement.

Instagram: sartoriomerta

A post shared by Khaled Nasr (@sartoriomerta) on

Men With Street Style

This Instagram account has 3 million followers and for good reason. It’s all about the clothes, so you won’t see faces, but what you will see is a lot of swag. Suits, ties, jeans and jackets, there’s something for everyone.

Instagram: menwithstreetstyle

Karl-Edwin Guerre

With 48k followers and growing, Karl-Edwin Guerre is a hidden Instagram secret. His style is what he calls “casual fly.” It’s definitely both. His style is mixed with bold colors and bolder prints, suits, slacks and shorts. You’re sure to find some inspiration on this account.

Instagram: guerreisms

A post shared by Karl-Edwin Guerre (@guerreisms) on

If you know some stylish men with Instagram accounts, or you are a stylish man with an Instagram account, hit us up @belvedereshoes. We want to know what your thoughts are on personal style. Share it with an image!


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