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10 Styling Tips for Men: Dressed to Impress

10 Styling Tips for Men: Dressed to Impress

Tips for Male Style

Here at Belveldere Shoes, we’re all about personal style. You like a black peacoat over a dark blue suit and black turtleneck, matched with bright Ocean Blue Colombo dress shoes? We don’t mind. We’d even applaud you. Personal style is… well, personal, but if you need a little help with your wardrobe, check out these styling tips for men below.

1. Sports jackets and jeans. They almost always look good together and are a versatile combination. You can wear a plain colored t-shirt or a fancy striped shirt and they both look good.

2. If you don’t have a sports jacket, get one. You can get sports jackets at a thrift store in about every shape and size. Don’t put yourself into hole by only getting plain ones, either. If you get a few weird ones, you’ll wear them too.

3. Expose yourself to new styles. Whether you’re reading old issues of Ebony Man with M.C. Hammer on the cover or new issues of GQ Style with A$AP Rocky, look at new styles. You might find a look you’ve never considered but want to wear.

4. Don’t be afraid of patterns. Take it from Siya Kolisi, a South African rugby player who starred in GQ’s Best Dressed Men of the Year (2017). A cool paisley dress jacket and vest over a white dress shirt and no tie is comfortable, impeccable fashion.

5. Buy less for more. Go for quality over quantity. Not only does quality last longer, but it looks better. Let’s face it, everyone can tell that those fake vinyl crocodile shoes aren’t the real deal. From the sunglasses you wear to the shoes you walk in, always go for quality.

6. Don’t be afraid to show your funky side. Bright blue shoes? Yes. A pair of green jeans? You bet. A blazing red smoking jacket? Listen, if Martellus Bennett (Giants) can rock a fedora on ESPN, you can wear whatever color of smoking jacket you want on the street. What shows off your funky side?

7. Buy more shoes. Why is it always the women who supposedly have a closet full of shoes? Because women know that the right shoe makes a killer outfit. If you only have three pairs of shoes, it’s time to up your wardrobe. Different styles, different colors–expand your boundaries!

8. No decals. You aren’t a billboard, so why should you wear t-shirts that treat you like one? Unless you’re working out (Just DO IT!), cleaning the house (Never let ‘em see you sweat), or at a concert (OTW), solid t-shirts are the better choice.

9. Keep gloves and a scarf. These are just practical, they’re fashionable. Keep warm and look good doing it.

10. Chose one metal at a time. If you’re wearing gold, wear gold. If you’re wearing silver, wear silver. But gold and silver are like coffee and Kool-Aid. They shouldn’t be mixed.

    You have your own personal style and you deserve to rock it. But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for expansion. Use our tips or not, but make sure you take the time to expand your fashion horizons. Your wardrobe will thank you.

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