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A Fashion Guide for the Modern Gentleman

A Fashion Guide for the Modern Gentleman

A Fashion Guide for the Modern Gentleman

By Adeline J. Wells

May 1st, 2022

No longer something that one is born into, the title of a “gentleman” today earned through manners, class, and of course, style.  A true sense of style is cultivated as a reflection of one’s internal attributes and their approach to life.  Blending timeless fashions with a modern edge, a gentleman’s style may take on many faces but is always approached with intention and taste.  Here are a few ideas for the modern gentleman, including several of Belvedere’s best selling oxford shoes from our Primavera Collection.


For the last century, the right pair of jeans has remained a quintessential staple in any wardrobe, much less that of a gentleman.  While there are countless blends, brands, and cuts of jeans available on the market, the modern day gentleman knows that true quality lies not within the name on the tag, but the legacy of the ingredients.  This is the reason that brands such as Levi’s, Lee, and Wrangler have endured the test of time and remained at the top of the denim industry; they sell high quality, 100 percent cotton jeans in lasting cuts.  A classic pair of jeans from any of these three companies is an excellent choice for this essential element in the gentleman’s wardrobe.


Just as clothes play to the visual, the right fragrance for the modern gentleman can have a significant influence on their presence in the world.  Based in New York City, the ever-popular brand Le Labo approaches fragrance in a similar fashion as the gentleman approaches style: with intention.  Operating under a manifesto that speaks to the soul of fragrance, Le Labo blends flavor notes together to design scents that exist within the realm of fresh and familiar.  By making thoughtful, well-crafted, non-gendered fragrances, Le Labo has made a name for itself by producing blends that cater to both the masculine and femine energies that gentlemen possess.  Favored scents include the heady Noir 29, as well as the cult-favorite wave of nostalgia that is Santal 33. 

In a similar vein, a subtle-scented beard oil or lotion is a wonderful product for gentlemen with facial hair; MVRCK by Mitch Skin and Beard Lotion is a well liked option.  In addition to having a great fragrance, a lotion’s moisturizing properties are important to consider as we grow closer to summer.

Silk Scarf

While style can take on many forms, true beauty and intention lies within the accessories.  One favorite accessory for the modern gentleman is the inclusion of a small, silk scarf in their wardrobe.  An easy way to brighten a look, silk scarves have made a large impact on spring fashion this year, with most brands releasing a new print for the season.  However, some of the best silk scarves can be found in vintage or antique stores; the epitome of a timeless fashion!  Even simply worn tied around the neck or belt loop, a silk scarf can add a pop of color and class to any outfit.


Of course, no fashion guide would be complete without the shoes.  At Belvedere, our Siena Shoe puts an elegant twist on the classic oxford style.  Crafted from Genuine Ostrich Leg Leather, this shoe features a diverse and detailed texture across its planes, posing for a refined look while still remaining visually stimulating.  Available in black as well as navy, deep burgundy, and a warm amber, the Siena has a rounded moc toe and smooth leather lining.  No matter the occasion, this shoe will make the right statement for any gentleman who dons it. 

Another highlight from the Primavera Collection is our Rome Shoe, another elevated oxford.  This style features a combination design; Genuine American Alligator delivers the sleek leather element, which when paired with suede, makes for a softer, more gentle look without lacking style.  While the Rome is available in both black and camel brown, the affectionately dubbed “Blue Jean” hue is a personal favorite for the shoe.  A cool blue composed of varying dark and light tones, this fresh take on the oxford is the perfect shoe for the modern gentleman as the days grow warm.

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