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Trends of Minimalism and Maximalism

Trends of Minimalism and Maximalism

Trends of Minimalism and Maximalism

By Adeline J. Wells

Just as individual fashion items roll in and out of style, as do entire genres of expression.  In recent years the fashion world has teetered between minimalism and maximalism, with both seeming to enjoy a cohesive moment in the present day.  As the warm summer months grow near, Belvedere has the shoes to accompany whatever fashion wave one prefers.

Defined by Merriam-Webster as “a style or technique that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity,” minimalist fashion is all about going back to the essentials.  Minimalism can often be identified by neutral, easily wearable colors and silhouettes: the perfect white t-shirt, black dress boots, a well-cut pair of jeans, and so forth.  Minimalism is arguably the most sustainable styling trend; by relying on utilitarian, high-quality pieces, one can avoid the overproduction and overconsumption that tends to plague the industry via fast fashion.  

As far as style trends go minimalism is fairly accessible; due to this it is quite easy to be fashionable with a simple, easily put together look.  Small details can make a significant impact on any outfit; this can be done with pops of color or pattern, as well as with different accent accessories such as a pocket scarf, watch, or jewelry.  Despite being denounced for its monotony, minimalism has often been viewed as the height of chic in men’s fashion.

Drawing sharp contrast to the bareness of minimalism, maximalist fashion is all about making a bold statement and diversifying oneself from the crowd.  Maximalism dips into indulgence in the most stylish way, with flares of extravagance setting each and every outfit apart.  Many people tend to link current themes of maximalism to the 2019 Met Gala’s theme of “Camp: Notes on Fashion”; the evening exhibited a wide range of lavish, over-the-top looks whose impact is still visible in fashion today.  However, one may also look to the recent COVID-19 pandemic as another factor for maximalism’s current hold on the industry.  A raw form of self-expression, fashion seemed to lose its place in the era of stay-at-home orders, masks, and social distancing.  As the world began to open up once again, pushing style to the extremes became a form of liberation from the restrictive world we were living in.  

Leaning into maximalism can be done in many forms, such as playing with different textures, prints, and silhouettes, layering them on top of one another for a look that is visually stimulating and fun.  However, this trend can easily be overdone and made to look gaudy.  It takes careful contemplation to create a look that is in balance with style.

At Belvedere, we take pride in creating a wide variety of well-designed, quality shoes to complement the trends of the day, whether they draw on the excess or the essential. For those who enjoy the cleancut, fine lines of minimalist fashion, our Marcus Shoe is an excellent choice for warmer months spent outdoors.  Available in neutral white, black, or brown, this sneaker is crafted from Genuine Hornback Caiman and Soft Italian Calf.  Featuring a flexible sole for comfort, rich texture, and a gold crocodile charm, the Marcus is the perfect blend of simple and luxurious.  For those who are interested in a maximalist approach we have the Vasco Shoe.  Also made of Caiman and Soft Calf, the Vasco delves slightly more into the extravagant with an angular, textured frame that resembles a crocodile head, complete with sleek beady eyes on the outside of the shoe and two additional gold crocodiles on the base of the tongue.  No matter the trend you prefer, Belvedere Shoes has the perfect style to lace up in as summer rolls in.

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