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Why the Popularity of Athleisure Isn’t Expected to Diminish Anytime Soon

Why the Popularity of Athleisure Isn’t Expected to Diminish Anytime Soon
For those with even a passing interest in the fashion industry, it’s impossible to not have heard of the term “athleisure.”

Generally speaking, athleisure is this kind of melding of form and function. Athleisure refers to articles of clothing that are comfortable and suitable for physical activities while still remaining stylish enough for people to wear on an afternoon or morning stroll.

Calling them more fashionable gym clothes would be reductive, but that does kind of get the point across.

Of course, it would be one thing if athleisure was simply limited to casual settings. Increasingly, you are seeing more and more celebrities rocking their best athleisure apparel on red carpets. Even high-fashion brands are getting in on it.

Athleisure has soared in popularity, so much so that it has become the default look for many fashionable men and women. This trend has clearly resonated with the population.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key reasons why athleisure has become so prominent and why you should start putting together your own looks inspired by this style since it isn’t expected to go away anytime soon.

Athleisure Is Big Business

When asking why something has become so popular and so prevalent, it’s always helpful to check out the numbers. To no one’s surprise, athleisure has become big business, though the degree to which it has become profitable may still come as a shock.

Per this press release published on Market Watch, athleisure sales amounted to $290 billion last year. Morgan Stanley projects that number will leap up to $355 billion by 2021.

It’s easy to understand why Morgan Stanley is so optimistic about athleisure’s business outlook. After all, sales have already skyrocketed by 61 percent in just a little over a decade.

Is it possible that athleisure will start to become less popular as the years go by? That cannot be ruled out, but then again, there are no signs indicating that will happen anytime soon.

Big brands are continuing to invest heavily in their athleisure lines and they are doing so because they see that the market for it continues to be strong. As long as athleisure remains a money-making machine, you can expect it to hang around.

Athleisure Is Not Actually a New Trend

Given the way the concept of athleisure is often talked about, you’d swear that it’s this new fad that only became prevalent in the last handful of years. History would beg to differ however.

This excellent piece from The Atlantic highlights the fact that people have been drawn to elements of athleisure such as sneakers, polo shirts, and shorts for decades. It’s hard to deny that many examples of athleisure clothing have become more refined over the past decade or so, but people being fond of them is not a new development in any way.

Seeing as how athleisure has been a thing for such a long time, it’s difficult to see it becoming unpopular sometime in the near future.

Athleisure Conveys Wellness and Confidence

A 2018 article from Forbes points to one of the more intriguing reasons for why athleisure has become and continues to be so popular. The piece focuses on wellness and how sporting athleisure can convey your own state of wellness.

It makes plenty of sense if you take the time to think about it. Many examples of athletic clothing are designed to emphasize your physical features. Putting them on means that you are comfortable enough with your own body to wear items that can be revealing in a few ways.

You worked hard to get in good shape, so you should feel free to show that off.

The bottom line is that athleisure is here to stay. Some folks may lament that reality, but honestly, there’s a lot to love about this distinctive style. In case you haven’t yet, put your own athleisure looks together and see how they work out.
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