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The Tips That Will Help You Feature More Beautiful Eyebrows

The Tips That Will Help You Feature More Beautiful Eyebrows
Given how much time many men invest in properly styling the hair on the top of their head and their facial hair, it’s odd to think that a not insignificant amount of gentlemen neglect caring for their eyebrows.

That becomes even stranger when you consider that poorly groomed eyebrows can be so prominent. When eyebrows are unkempt, they may feature uneven hairs, grow in awkward directions, and you may even develop a unibrow.

Unless you happen to be NBA All-Star Anthony Davis, it’s difficult to imagine the unibrow working for you.

Don’t let your eyebrows keep you from looking your best. By heeding some simple grooming tips, you should be able to shape your eyebrows better and improve your appearance significantly.

Coming up are the tips that will help you feature better brows.

Choose a Grooming Method That Makes Sense for You

This may come as a surprise to some, but there are multiple ways to groom eyebrows and they have their own pros and cons. Before you decide settle on a grooming method, it’s important to learn more about what they’re all about.


Plucking is the most accessible eyebrow grooming method. As long as you have a pair of tweezers, a mirror, and some patience, you should be able to properly pluck your eyebrows.

This method will not work for everyone though. Plucking is better for maintenance. You should use a different method if your eyebrows need more work.


Trimming your eyebrows is something you can also do at home. It’s also similar to plucking in the sense that it works better for maintenance as opposed to full-scale eyebrow transformation.

Exercise plenty of caution when trimming though as you don’t want to cut too much. If you’re not comfortable trimming your eyebrows on your own, don’t hesitate to seek some assistance from a professional.


According to the TheTrendSpotter, eyebrow threading involves the use of twisted cotton threads. These threads are then used to carefully remove the hairs.

Threading is appealing because it can get rid of specific stray hairs without causing you too much pain. You will have to go to a professional for it though.


Last up, you can also have your eyebrows waxed. Waxing can be quite painful, but it’s your best bet if you have plenty of unwanted eyebrow hair that you want to remove quickly.

Groom Your Eyebrows to Complement Your Eyes

The point of grooming your eyebrows is to prevent them from becoming sources of unwanted attention. You don’t want to change them in a way that they become the focal points of your face.

Your goal here should be to have eyebrows that complement your eyes. What that means is that they should feature more width instead of height, according to Real Men Real Style.

Regardless of whether you have blue, dark brown or perhaps green eyes, you should show them off properly by grooming your eyebrows.

Pay Attention to How Quickly Your Eyebrows Grow

While we do wish that we could just say that you should groom your eyebrows once or twice a month, the reality is that there is no hard and fast rule here.

Just like with facial hair or your crowning glory, eyebrows grow at their own rate. The best thing you can do is monitor their growth and see how quickly they go from well-groomed to unkempt. Take note of that and schedule grooming appointments as needed.

Eyebrows don’t receive nearly the amount of attention they should considering how big of an impact they can have on your appearance. Come up with an eyebrow grooming routine of your own if you want to be sure that you always look your best.
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