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Belvedere Shoes Bring Together the Best of Active and Formal Wear

Belvedere Shoes Bring Together the Best of Active and Formal Wear

Shoe Types and Varieties


Shoe options for men can mostly be grouped into three categories. There are shoes worn for exercising or whenever one is planning to be active that day. Some men’s shoes are also designed mainly to go with formal wear. Then there are those other shoes that men like to wear when they are just going somewhere to hang out and relax or maybe complete some errands.

The definition of a general purpose men’s shoe can be pretty broad, but the ones designed for exercising and the others meant for formal events are usually defined by specific characteristics.

No matter the kind of shoe a man is looking for, Belvedere has him covered. That goes for active wear shoes, formal wear shoes, casual wear shoes and even those that blur the lines to bring together features of all three.

The Benjamin Is the Fashionable Choice for Active Men

Beginning with a shoe that can capably handle the lifestyle of today’s modern, active man, the Benjamin is sturdy and prioritizes the comfort of its owner at all times.

The calf leather material used for the construction of this shoe is highly durable and can withstand the wear and tear of daily usage. Found inside the Benjamin is a cushion that cradles the foot. When running, jumping, or performing any other kind of physical activity, that cushion will come in handy as something that alleviates pressure that could have otherwise built up and caused the wearer a great deal of pain.

The Benjamin is not the most visually striking shoe available, but there’s something still appealing about its minimalist design.

The Stefano Embodies High Fashion

Though the Benjamin may prefer to go the understated route with its appearance, the Stefano prefers to feature a look that is significantly different.

The alligator leather gives the Stefano a distinctive look. By combining that with the ankle boot structure, the designers are able to make a shoe that is emblematic of high fashion.

A shoe like the Stefano is not worn for just any occasion. It is instead saved for special soirees, exclusive events, and the grandest gatherings. Though it is not an everyday shoe, the Stefano is still a worthy addition to any man’s shoe collection.

The Abreno– A Hybrid Shoe Useful for Any Occasion

Sneakers and formal events aren’t supposed to go together, but the Abreno proves that is not always the case.

With the Abreno, the upper portion of this shoe evokes the typical appearance of a classic leather shoe, but then, that is combined with a white rubber sole seen in the typical sneaker. The result of the marriage of styles is something truly gorgeous. The combination can seem unusual at first, but upon closer inspection, the blending makes sense.

The only real question that should be answered is why did it take so long for designers to discover the benefits of bringing together these two styles.

Thankfully, the folks at Belvedere Shoes have figured out how to perfectly blend together those two distinctive styles. Because of that, men will no longer have to make a choice between wearing something high fashion or something suitable for activities, since there are options that check both categories.

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