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The Belvedere Shoes You Need to Get for This Holiday Season

The Belvedere Shoes You Need to Get for This Holiday Season


As soon as the holiday season rolls around, our minds quickly turn to shopping for gifts for our loved ones and friends, but remember, you deserve a treat as well.

If you’ve been putting in extra work this year, you are even more deserving of a treat, and we’re talking more than just milk and cookies here.

After another long year of traveling from home to the office and vice versa, there’s a pretty decent chance that some of your favorite pairs of shoes have gotten worn down.

With the holiday bonus in hand, you should have enough money to cover the gifts, and also restock your shoe closet.

Now, all you need are ideas are suggestions for which pairs of shoes to get.

Keep It Casual and Comfy with Belvedere’s Anthony

The first item on your shopping list should be the all-purpose shoes, the ones you can wear to just about anywhere at any time of the year, and the Anthony shoes from Belvedere fit that description to a tee.

One of the reasons for why the Anthony is a great choice for an everyday shoe is because it blends together comfort and style so well.

Its form closely mirrors that of a conventional sneaker, but instead of using the materials that are commonly featured in widely available alternatives, the shoemakers at Belvedere have opted to go with leather.

The end result is an item that features the form, functionality, and durability of a sneaker that also possesses that refined look of a classic leather shoe.

You can get these shoes early on in the holiday season, and wear them to a family reunion or to a casual party with your office mates.

Add a Touch of Class to Your Shoe Collection with Belvedere’s Urbano

If you’re just getting started in the professional world, your wardrobe likely just consists of some long-sleeve shirts, maybe some polo shirts, as well as jeans, and some slacks. The footwear options are likely quite limited at this point as well.

That’s understandable, but also something that should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Take some time to consider getting formal dress shoes this holiday season. The Urbano shoes from Belvedere would make fine additions to any shoe closet.

Shoes like the Urbano are important elements of any man’s wardrobe. They are the shoes you wear when you have a fancy event to attend and are advised to come in your best attire.

These wing tips are the classic shoes that go so well with tailored suits and tuxedoes, and as you advance further in your career, you will likely need them more.

Sport a Unique Look with Belvedere’s Vasco

The classic shoe types are certainly nice to have, but every now and then, it’s fun to cut loose with your footwear too.

For the men unafraid to draw stares with their choice of footwear, the Vasco shoes would be an ideal purchase.

You can wear these shoes to a family reunion and have all the kids there marvel at your cool choice of sneakers. Better yet, keep them nice and maintained for next year, when you can wear them as the finishing pieces for a stunning Halloween costume.

Buying gifts for your loved ones is a good way to spend your bonus money this holiday season, but don’t forget about yourself. Restock your shoe closet with some stylish options and you’ll be ready to strut confidently into the New Year.

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