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Belvedere Shoes: Making Menswear Not Boring For Over 50 years

Belvedere Shoes: Making Menswear Not Boring For Over 50 years

Apparently, menswear can only be boring or weird, according to The Guardian’s Ask Hadley column in a 2014 reader response. Also apparently, what we need to change that are the little jumpers that were trying to become in vogue awhile back. But is it really? Can a man’s wardrobe consist of more than jumpsuits and weirdness to be worthy of praise and comment?

We think not.

Don’t Deny the Denim

Denim has its place, and that place is on the man. You can’t deny that denim says hard working, hard playing man. Switch out the shoes for a handsome pair of Peanut Damian’s, or a pair of Logans in black, navy blue or chocolate, and you have a definite statement to make.

Casual Patterns

This ombre-plaid and tan jacket takes casual to a new level. Rolled up faded jeans, urban-style bracelets and buttons on each side of the jacket are all extra touches that fill out the look. Switch the high tops out for a pair of Veros in honey, and you’re top of the casual class.

Casual Business

This guy. He does business casual well. We especially love the pattern and color play here. Faint stripes on the white shirt and faint pin stripes on the trim vest might have clashed with the tan and brick plaid tie if the colors were bolder. Instead, the color play is all pulled together with the bracelet on his wrist that holds all the colors. He could easily complete the look with a pair of Lagos in Cognac or in Navy.

Keepin It Business

Are you ready for your job interview? This gentleman is. Fitted suit, matching striped tie, solid dress shirt, nice hair cut – from the top of his head to the black socks on his ankles, you can tell he’s serious about the job. A pair of tan Karmelos – classic tasseled derby’s in subtly-patterned lizard skin – would be just that extra touch of class without being too ostentatious. Ambition without being extreme. Powerful without being dangerous.

The Man Makes the Menswear

Okay, we have a confession. Our exotic skin dress shoes and sneakers may pull an outfit together, but what really makes the outfit is the man wearing it. In each of these Pinterest posts, these men all show confidence in their stance, and that's what makes the outfit.

Be confident in your sense of style, whether it's jackets and jeans or full 3-piece suits. That's what really makes the outfit look good. Well, that, and a pair of Belvedere Shoes!

All images are copyright their respective owners and do are not meant to imply endorsement of Belvedere Shoes.

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