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4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Well-Dressed Dad

4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Well-Dressed Dad

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Happy Father’s Day!

Just kidding. You have a little over a week left to find something that really says, “Dad (or Honey), I really love you and you’re such a good dad. You deserve this!” It’s not too late. You can still get ahold of that fantastic gift.

Oh, sure. Ties are great, but we’d like to point out that there’s much more to a man – and a wardrobe – than a tie.

4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Add to His Wardrobe

If you have a gentleman that loves his wardrobe, you may be at a loss at what to buy. Don’t panic – we have you covered. Here are 10 Father’s Day gift ideas that can really help you show your special guy how much you love him… and his wardrobe.


And Speaking of Ties

Father's Day Gift: Silk Tie from Fort BelvedereOkay, there is more to a wardrobe than ties, but we can’t just leave them out altogether. As a traditional Father’s Day gift, they’ve made many a tie-loving daddy smile. This year consider upping your tie game with a silk tie, such as those offered by Fort Belvedere. Never mind that we’re partial to the name, a high-quality silk tie has a feeling you can’t fake.

Fort Belvedere ties run about $125 each and they’re well worth the cost. If ties are what your dad needs, you can’t go wrong with silk!


Grab Some Hatitude

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Keith and James FedoraOne wardrobe feature that is often overlooked (but shouldn’t be) is the hat. Not only does it shade your eyes should you happen to leave your favorite sunglasses at home, but a good-looking hat can take your wardrobe to the next level.

For example, fedoras from Keith and James, like the True Blue can really class up an outfit. 100% wool, cotton sweatband to keep you looking cool all day long, and a great silhouette, these run about $450. If your dad has left hats out of his clothing choices, make sure to give him additional options.


Step Away from Classic Belts

Father's Day Gift Idea: Ocean Blue Crocodile Belt by Belvedere ShoesNo matter which style guide you look at, you’ll often hear that belts and shoes should match. With this in mind, we’d be remiss if we left out our very own belts.

Help your man step away from the classic black and brown belts – and please, if you do get a belt, make it real leather of some kind (we prefer exotics, of course)!

We have a wide range of colors and exotic leathers, such as the ocean blue belt made of crocodile pictured to the right, which allows you to greatly extend his wardrobe. Discover our offerings of exotic leather belts to up his game!


Step into the Right Shoes

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Luxury Exotic Leather Shoes by Belvedere ShoesDo you match the shoes with the belt or the belt with the shoes? Either way, it’s a match made in wardrobe heaven. When we’re talking well-dressed men, we have to throw ourselves in the ring as top of the class. Not only do we have the quality and style selection, but we also have a wide range of colors to achieve the affect you’re going for.

The Colombo, in hornback crocodile, is a handsome men’s dress shoe, hand painted ocean blue with a bright red sole. Because of the color range in both shoes and belts it’ll be easy to match to the rest of the wardrobe. 


Help Him Dress for Success this Father’s Day!

If you have a gentleman who loves to showcase his style and class, don’t leave out his wardrobe! Oh sure, you could get a grill or something like that. Cosmopolitan suggests a coffee mug, or plaid pajamas - maybe a “cool pair of joggers.” But if dress is his hobby and his thrill, give him a way to express himself in style with one of the options above!

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