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Brightening Your Mid-Winter Wardrobe

Brightening Your Mid-Winter Wardrobe

Brightening Your Mid-Winter Wardrobe

By Adeline J. Wells

March always seems to be the wildcard month of the year; the time that truly dictates whether winter will be prolonged or if spring will have an early reign.  This year it appears to be the former, with snow storms sweeping across much of the country.  Despite the cold and gloom that this season brings, freshening your wardrobe with vibrance and color is an easy way to summon some seasonal warmth. Here are a few ideas for how to brighten your mid-winter wardrobe:

Add an Ascot

Not everyone is a fan of scarves; an ascot is a simpler, subtler option that adds some color to an outfit without the bulk.  Often crafted from silk, the lightweight material won’t weigh you down as you move throughout the day.  Consider opting for a design with bold colors or a vibrant pattern.  Even if the rest of your outfit is composed of more winter-oriented clothes, the ascot adds a visual appeal that will brighten the spirit of the look.

Switching to Lighter Denim

As we are still very much in the season of denser, warmer clothing, it is likely your outfits still largely consist of denim pants.  However, beginning to swap out your black and dark denims for lighter washes is an easy way to begin lightening the mood of your wardrobe.  This can be done with not only jeans, but with denim shirts and jackets as well.  Especially when paired in contrast with darker slacks or shirts, light wash denims are a great way to signal that you are ready for spring.

Opt for Layers

We typically associate layering with autumn, when fresh waves of fashion roll in and the weather often flits from warm to chilled..  Designing outfits with different layers is a great way to brighten your mid-winter wardrobe as well.  Consider incorporating different colors and patterns for a rich visual appeal.  While not only diversifying what is presented to the eye, layers also allow you to be ready for whatever changes the weather presents. Winter weather won’t last forever; staying ready for warmth is the best way to summon it into existence.

Step into the New

Breaking out a pair of fresh shoes is always a good move when shifting between seasons.  For this time of year, a pair of two-toned shoes is an excellent style to visually blend the old with the new.  At Belvedere, our Varo Shoe is one such fashion that will revitalize your winter wardrobe.  A highlight of our new collection, this variation on the classic oxford is crafted from Chocolate and Antique Tan Genuine Alligator Leather, topped with Eel Wing Tips.  The result is a stylish, smart shoe that evokes a sort of warmth, perfect for these late winter months. With immaculate detailing, leather lining, and our Belvedere emblem etched into the sole, the Varo is one shoe that will put a spring in your step for the remainder of this season.

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