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Fashion Icons in Film

Fashion Icons in Film

Fashion Icons in Film

By Adeline J. Wells


Following the recent wave of the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and the Academy Awards, the world of cinema is still dominating social conversation.  While storylines and technology may have modernized over the years, there are certain characters that remain beacons of fashion, even today.  When curating your current wardrobe, here are three films with icons to look to for inspiration:


North by Northwest

An Alfred Hitchcock favorite, works by the “Master of Suspense” feature not only thrilling events, but “killer” fashion as well.  1959’s North by Northwest is one example, in which Cary Grant plays an advertising executive mistaken for a secret agent.  His style throughout the film is characterized by a simple and well-cut gray suit that matches his hair; a composed, elegant look that is representative of the times and carried by Grant’s suave manner.  The suit is typical to reflect that his character is a typical, average man.  However, little details such as matching gray socks and lack of a belt work to elevate the look in a minute, yet definite way.  North by Northwest is one film that maintains one doesn’t have to be flashy to remain stylish.



While the storylines may have evolved and changed with the times, the fashion in the Shaft series has remained timeless.  Centered around one family’s three generations of New York City police detectives, all named John Shaft, the action-crime films range from 1971 to 2019, embracing themes of Black Power, masculinity, and sexuality across that timeframe.  Shaft’s quintessential leather look spans the decades as well; while varying in length and fit, well-cuts leather jackets are a staple throughout the films. The wardrobe color palettes remain earthy and warm as well, including browns, olives, black, and deep plums; colors that evoke a mood both polished and sharp.  Further enhanced by turtlenecks and a classic fedora, the Shaft style is one that will remain eternally cool.



The beloved crime drama detailing the life of a Cuban refugee-turned-drug lord, director Brian de Palma’s 1983 Scarface is famous for its style as well.  Al Pacino’s Tony Montana maintains a wardrobe that evokes the colorful vibrance of 1980’s Miami, consisting of silk shirts, floral prints, and the fan-favorite baby blue suit.  While his clothing definitely makes a statement, Montana’s accessories throughout the film add definite volume to the movie’s fashion legacy.  From suave pocket squares to oversized aviators, layered chains beneath open shirts and more, consider this classic when looking to take your look to the next level.


As evidenced in all of these films, well-designed footwear is the base of any iconic outfit.  One of our long-standing favorites at Belvedere is our Siena Shoe; a typical oxford style with an elevated twist. Crafted from Genuine Ostrich Leg Leather, this shoe features a diverse and detailed texture across its planes, making it visually appealing while still remaining refined.  With a rounded moc toe and leather lining, the Siena is available in black as well as navy, deep burgundy, and a warm amber.  No matter the color, this smart silhouette will provide you with the elegance of a star.

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