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Choosing the Right Wristwatch

Choosing the Right Wristwatch

The advent of smartphones put wristwatches on the back burner for a hot minute. But then they made a comeback, because classic never goes out of fashion. Nowadays a great wristwatch is a core wardrobe item that speaks volumes about you and your own signature style, much like the shoe style you wear. So have fun creating your own watch collection to add a stylish dimension to your wardrobe. But before you go shopping know exactly what you want to invest in, and why.

Field Watches

For those who need a more reserved business casual look, field watches with a leather strap are a great choice. These watches aren’t flashy and are reliably functional, because they were originally designed for military officers to wear in the field. They offer a clean, straightforward look that is quite handsome. Field watches can also do double-duty when you’re ready to dress down into more casual clothes. Just swap out the band from leather to canvas or another fabric.

Sports Watches

Sports watches, which include those made for diving, aeronautics, and driving are some of the most versatile watches you can own. They evoke a sense of adventure and capable skill and work great for business or pleasure. They typically have a metal bracelet or a rubber or polyurethane watchband, or a leather Bund strap, which looks like a cuff. Only wear those with a rubber or Bund strap for strictly casual scenarios. For other occasions, pick a metal or poly-covered steel bracelet and case. (The case is the part of the watch that rests atop your wrist and houses the gears of the watch.)

Other Details

If it’s metal, make sure that it matches your belt buckle or jewelry in both color and finish. That will work seamlessly for casual or business. A poly-coated case in black, with a black band comprised of individual links, is also a bold, beautiful, and versatile choice. Links give you a more sophisticated look, versus rubber or poly straps that are smooth and fasten with a buckle.

Dress Watches

Your favorite watch may be a chunky dive watch with a titanium bracelet or a sports watch with a blue rubber watchband. But for more formal and dressy occasions, the classic dress watch should  be sleek, subtle, and have a fine leather strap. Black leather is a great option, paired with black shoes and a black belt. The metal on the watch should be the same color as your belt buckle or metal cufflinks. A thinner watch case is desirable, so that it slips easily in and out of the cuffs of your shirt without snagging.

Watches are Like Wine

Watches are like wine, because the most expensive and high-quality ones increase in market value and rarity over time. But you don’t pick a good wine only because it has an impressive label or exorbitant price. What counts is what’s inside, and sometimes bargain-priced wines are highly rated. Likewise, many affordable watches boast exquisite Swiss movements produced in Switzerland under very exacting standards. A Swiss case is great, but what you want to shop for in particular is a watch with internal Swiss movement. That’s generally true whether you spend $200 or $200,000 for your watch.


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