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5 Essential Shoes for the Stylish Man

5 Essential Shoes for the Stylish Man


A man's style is seen from head to the hem of his pants. Sounds incorrect? Absolutely. It is because your outfit is quite literally grounded on your shoes.  Here are five types of shoes every man needs in his closet to ensure he's putting his best foot forward when it comes to style. 

1. Sneakers

Set aside the typical canvas sneaker and opt a more sophisticated, luxurious version. An example of such as shoe is the DaytonIt is a sneaker all grown up. It is made from ostrich and has a rubber sole. Dayton comes in solid colors and has simple detailing for a minimalist look. You can choose to pair it with dark denims and crisp button-down shirt with a sports coat and be perfectly appropriate for Casual Fridays. 

2. Loafers

If there is a piece of fashion that captures the preppy look, it would be the loafer. It is said to have originated from students who traveled to Scandinavia in the early 1900s and saw Norweigan fishermen wearing moccasins. These students brought back the style to North America and the style quickly spread. 

Loafers still enjoy popularity even today because it is an easy shoe to wear. The slip-on style and streamlined design make it appropriate for various situations. Interesting, penny loafers got its name from when students would insert coins in the slot of the strap to make phone calls. But, today's versions go beyond this usual feature. Opt for a tassel detail like the one featured in the Bari for a more interesting look. 

3. Boots

Boots as a choice in footwear is an instant show of force. The shape is strong and aggressive and it is meant for hardier situations. It is a practical choice for when sneakers aren't going to cut it. There are rugged boots which evoke rough and tumble styles like denim. On the other end of the spectrum, there are fancy boots that fit right in with dressier occasions. 

Take the Barone, as an example. The shiny finish of this genuine Hornback and ostrich shoe gives an unexpected edge to a fancy suit. Modern trouser styles with hems cut a tad bit shorter can further showcase the ankle-height of these boots.

4. Derby

The Derby's unique characteristic is its open lacing system. It means that stitching is done at the top of the vamp of the shoe. The effect is that it is roomier for the feet and allows the shoes to be more flexible. Generally, the open-laced shoe like the Derby is considered more casual than shoes that feature closed laces. However, the Derby is still considered a dress shoe. 

Wear the Batta, a shoe made from genuine ostrich with a tassel detail to experience the comfort of a Derby shoe. Wear it on formal occasions with a suit or dress it down to smart casual attire. It can be worn just as easily with jeans or chinos. 

5. Monk Strap Shoes

Monk strap shoes are low shoes with a wide tongue for a better fit around the ankle. It does not use laces, but rather has straps to securely fasten the shoe. The Amico is an example of a double-strap monk shoe. It is made out of ostrich and Italian calf leather. Since these shoes are considered the fanciest kind among the dress shoes, you can go on and show them off. Pair them with a cuffed trouser with a short hem. 

Now that you know the essential shoes for your wardrobe, make sure you do not leave your style without a solid grounding. Give your suits, denims, shorts and pants the shoe style they deserve.

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