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Check Out the Classic, Daring, and All the Best Mens Looks of the 2019 BET Awards

Check Out the Classic, Daring, and All the Best Mens Looks of the 2019 BET Awards

The 2019 BET Awards were held just a few days ago on June 23 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. As one would expect, the stars came out for this momentous occasion and they were decked out in their Sunday best.

In this article, we will highlight some of the best men’s looks that were on display at the BET Awards’ red carpet. We’ll take a closer look at the more classic ensembles, the casual outfits, and some truly daring fashion risks that the men featured.

Without further ado, let’s get to these remarkable looks.

John Legend

The BET Awards is not like your typical Hollywood shindig in terms of fashion as the artists in attendance are more open to taking risks. Still, you will find a few who prefer to stick to the classic styling choices.

The soulful John Legend probably came the closest to featuring a more conventional look for men. To be clear though, going with the classics is always going to work for the singer/songwriter.

Legend donned a grey suit to the proceedings and he paired it up with a patterned shirt. Casual and classic were clearly the themes of his Legend’s look and that is evidenced by the ever so slightly open shirt and the laid back pose he struck on the blue carpet as can be seen here in this Billboard article.

The shiny chains spanning across Legend’s shoes bring an additional flourish that is welcome in an ensemble such as this.


Hitmaker Ne-Yo stuck to what he knew best and kept things classic on the blue carpet. Classic is a relative term here, but still, the layered look is an old standby for men and Ne-Yo pulls it off exceptionally well with his cream jacket and neat button-down.

He added more visual intrigue to the look by wearing some blue plaid pants – a stark but welcome point of contrast to his understated jacket and shirt combo.

Ne-Yo has a great eye for shoes as they complemented the colors of his outfit exceptionally well.

To round out the look, Ne-Yo sported a fedora together with aviator glasses that looked even better under the sun.

2 Chainz

The black tuxedo is a classic piece that does not need to be improved upon, right? Well, rapper 2 Chainz showed that it can be done, even in an unconventional manner.

2 Chainz rocked up to the BET Awards’ blue carpet decked out in a tuxedo jacket adorned with metallic cherry blossoms. To balance out the boldness of his jacket choice, the “Rule The World” singer decided to go with some tailored pants and oxford shoes styled similarly to Belvedere’s Mare.

He completes his stylish ensemble with numerous pieces of flashy jewelry and some rose-colored glasses.


Keeping things simple is not a bad idea when it comes to fashion. Rapper Jidenna’s look at the BET Awards is proof of that.

Via, the Wisconsin native went with a yellow shirt and pants combo that straddles the line between casual and cool really well. He also went with some powder blue sneakers to break up the color block and they are great additions to the ensemble.

Jidenna’s neatly groomed locks also complement his casual style beautifully.

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