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Essential Tips to Keep in Mind While Putting Together Your Concert Outfit

Essential Tips to Keep in Mind While Putting Together Your Concert Outfit

You’ve been planning for it for weeks. The date’s been marked in red in your calendar and you’ve already made sure that you’re free from work and family obligations so that you can watch your favorite musical artists in the flesh.

Opportunities to attend concerts are rare. Unless you happen to live in one of the big coastal cities or next to a popular music venue, odds are that you don’t get the chance to attend this type of show very often.

Get excited as you want to be for the concert, but before stepping out the door, you may want to check your outfit. Picking out the right concert-going outfit is crucial because you want to remain comfortable at the event.

To help you out, we’ve put together these tips that should make it easier for you to assemble the ideal concert ensemble.

Consider the Type of Concert You’re Attending

There is no one-size-fits-all option for concert-going. The appropriate clothing options change along with the style of music being performed.

For the most part, dressing up is not necessary if you’re going to a concert. The only time you really need to break out the suit and tie is if you’re set to attend a classical music or orchestral performance.

D’Marge notes that there was a time when these were always black or white tie affairs. That has since changed and there’s a little more leeway for men’s clothing options, but sticking to something formal is not a bad idea. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb after all.

Double check your invite to see if some kind of dress code has been outlined.

Concerts featuring rock bands, hip-hop artists, and pop stars aren’t quite as particular about the attire that fans will be wearing. Feel free to get more creative with the pieces of your outfit. Just make sure to wear your most comfortable pair of shoes because you don’t want your feet hurting from all the standing ovations you’ll be taking part in.

The Venue Matters

Don’t overlook the venue when you’re thinking of what to wear.

Many concerts today take place inside arenas where there’s air-conditioning, which is a good thing. You can wear what you’re comfortable with in that type of setting knowing that the weather is not going to have any significant impact on your concert-going experience.

Now, if the concert is taking place outdoors, which is typical for music festivals, you have to put more thought into your outfit.

TheTrendSpotter recommends building your outfit on a t-shirt or some kind of button-down. Take a jacket with you so that you can protect yourself against the weather going south.

Picking shoes to wear to an outdoor concert is tricky because you have to balance out your desire to look your best while also doing what you can to ensure that you don’t go home with holes in your soles. Your best bet here is to go with boots.

Be Bold

One last tip to take into account before you go to the concert venue is to simply be bold.

Music, much like fashion, is about self-expression and allowing your personality to shine through. Fashion and music may vary in terms of how they are conveyed, but the goal of expression remains the same.

Unless you’re going to a formal concert, don’t be afraid to wear that shirt with the bold patterns or those flashy shoes. You’re going to a concert to have fun and your outfit should help with that.
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